Sunday, September 24, 2006

The Internet is full of crap already, go home

I am not an anti-abortion advocate.

And I don't appreciate when those people come to my blog and copy MY intellectual property and attempt to hijack it for their cause.

Go away anti-abortion advocates, and don't come back. You are not welcome to read my blog, to copy my words or to steal my ideas.

It is not my fault you can't write your own posts. Complain to your 6th grade teacher, but don't steal from others.

Oh, and for those who think that it's okay because it's for a "good cause," and it's fair dealing, ummm, not so much. When news sources write reviews or interview people, they do not reprint things without permission, they discuss the ideas in the reviewed article in their own words, not in someone else's, and not inaccurately. They certainly do not cut and paste hundreds of words.

I know some of you are very "into" God's law. Well, scroll down to the middle of this, and you will see Pope John Paul II's quite clear instruction that plagiarism, and stealing other people's intellectual property is a sin. It is also a sin to twist other people's words to suit your own purposes.

It is also a sin to ignore the law of the land. If you do wish to follow that law, maybe you should learn it before you run around quoting it. Because my next steps will involve lawyers, and your ISP host.

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