Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Nuclear Chic, Pt.2

So pacing nervously hasn't helped. Nor has freaking out, or yelling at my kid's teacher, or watching too much TV.

And screensucking as much web paranoia as I can certainly hasn't done much for calming me down.

My test is at 1:15 today. I'm waiting for a sign that I shouldn't go. Like maybe a tree falling on my head...

Of course, then I'd just have to go to the hospital anyway, and they'd still make me get the ominously named, "Nuclear Medicine Iodine 123 Thyroid Uptake & Scan."

And it's not just one day, it's two. I have to go back tomorrow, for a followup. Plus the stupid hospital didn't tell me about not eating before the test. So, I've eaten breakfast, then stopped worrying because another site has told me it's okay as long as you stop eating 2 hours prior.

And best of all, I get to pee in a bucket. Apparently the radiation clears your body in only 24 hours, but mainly by urinating. Some hospitals say you only have to flush twice, and wash your hands thoroughly. Others say it is better to urinate, etc. in a container then return the container to the hospital for biohazardous waste disposal.

I am unhappy with even the remote possibility of irradiating my house & kids. So I'm thinking about using the bucket option, then pouring the collected wisdom of my thyroid on various lawns of politicians I despise.

There are so many. I am not sure if I can create enough "collective wisdom" to spread the wealth. Inevitably some twit will call this terrorism. I will call it political protest. It is their fault after all, since I'm sure not one of them has even thought about all the people in this city having these tests and then walking around emitting radiation down the sewage pipes of Ontario.

I have to go buy lead lined panties now.

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