Monday, September 25, 2006

So how do you put it away?

So, after the weekend's blogging & plagiarism distractions, I've decided to get back to the original post I was going to write.

And of course, Catherine has provided the perfect post for me to take off on. You see, my whole weekend was spent buying, and constructing Ikea furniture for my 10 yo. We rented a truck and bought a great loft bed set for him, with a desk underneath and a new lamp and a nice chair.

He is becoming officially a young man. Which I love and hate at the same time....

Next renting the truck turns into a big thing because my DH decides that as long as he has the truck, he should rent a storage space for the 40 bankers boxes of law junk he has sitting in out front hallway. Now, as a Flylady devotee, I believe in throwing things away. He hasn't opened any of these boxes in the 9 months since he moved them home.

Not once. Ever.

And all his legal files he must keep for the Law Society are in storage with his old firm, so really, I know that all these files are useless junk. At minimum, he could scan the bits he needs and keep it all on one tiny DVD so why pay for a storage space? With the price of real estate in Toronto, it really is expensive to keep stuff in your house if you don't need it, but storage isn't cheap either.

And then I realize what's really going on. Because he has gotten a larger space and left me the key. And he wants me to "look through the basement and put anything in there we don't need right now."

In other words, all the baby stuff. The baby stuff I've never been able to give away, mmm because well, really we might need it again right? Maybe, please God, I hope?

I did manage to pack it all away and put it downstairs so that I didn't have to look at it everyday. My big plan was that if I ever gave up on the baby thing, I would donate it all to a woman's shelter. No garage sales, because that is a total waste of time in my opinion. I've only met one person who ever made more than $50 on a yard sale, and they spent hours doing it. I think they made $2 an hour when they were done.

But this requires giving up on having another baby, and I can't do that, not yet.

So I'm stuck with a basement full of thousands of dollars worth of clothes and furniture and toys. (Yeah, it really adds up after 2 kids...) And a husband who is gently trying to tell me to get rid of it, without saying it directly to my face.

After my last pregnancy (which I've not yet written about because it is simply too painful), my DH tried to tell me that we should get rid of some stuff because after all, we would want to buy some new stuff anyway. After 10 years, safety standards change, fashions change, and really shopping is fun, right?

But unless I've literally got a new baby in my arms, I don't think I can bear to do it.

And so I'm stuck, unless I bend on the storage place idea.



  1. thanks for your mail! the list is growing. i'll email you when the date is picked. if you have readers who don't have blogs, suggest that they leave their lists with you and post them at your own blog? just an idea.
    thanks- jeff

  2. My house is like a freaking Babies R don't ask me how to part with the stuff. Even with two dead babies, I just keep adding to the stuff. I think I've lost my mind. :o)

  3. I TRY to do flylady too, but i can totally relate to your feelings about the baby stuff. It's so hard to know what to do. But you know if you get rid of it all you will end up having another baby after all.

    Personally, I am tempted to take all baby things to Goodwill and then buy all new smaller clothes for myself because it will guarantee a pregnancy.