Friday, October 13, 2006

Dr. Evil Finally Called

And it's not good. But it's not terrible, yet, I think.

My RAIU test came back showing hyperthyroid, but Dr. Evil (that's her new name) insists that it's impossible because the blood test for TSH showed normal TSH, T3 & T4. Except that I was on beta blockers very shortly before that. And emedicine and every other website I've checked all say that the blood test can be wrong if certain medications are taken at the same time. And I've been on some of those.

Plus, my scan showed a "mottled" result, most likely multiple nodules of some sort. And I have active antithyroglobulin antibodies, although she wouldn't share that result until I asked, because god forbid I know my own health results.

So, even though every other test shows clearly that something is wrong, she refuses to believe the results are real. Because, hey the $2.50 test must be right. We absolutely have to ignore the very expensive RAIU test and scan...

Her nibs would condescend to give me an ultrasound requisition and a blood test requisition to check on the giant nodules in my throat. And she even had the graciousness to agree to a biopsy, cause y'know, it's important to be all casual and stuff about CANCER.

I have to go get requisitions right now, and I'm desperate to find another Doctor who will give me a second opinion, and oh I don't know, maybe, gee, CARE about the clock ticking away on my health.

This isn't the worst moment of my life, (that was when my son died), but it's ranking right up there on the stress level.


  1. Glad you finally got an answer, but sorry that things are still so ambiguous! I hate this health stress stuff. When is the biopsy? I'm glad you are getting a second opinion.

  2. So frustrating. For what it's worth, my mother had to have her tests repeated numerous times before she was finally diagnosed with Hashimotos (is that hypo or hyperthyroidism? I can never remember). It seems like those test results can fluctuate from hour to hour.