Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Thanksgiving Holding Pattern

I'm stuck in a turkey. Me and Mr. Bean.

And a rut.

First the turkey, we had Thanksgiving this past Monday, (Canadian version for you Americans) and my DH decided to invite 13 people, buy the largest, most expensive turkey he could find, and then brine it. Turkey brine is bizarre. Makes a good bird, but yeesh, the whole soaking of a raw turkey in salt water freaks me out. I keep thinking of Salmonella, even though I know it will be fine. (There's a whole procedure to make it work safely, but still...)

So this week we will be having turkey soup, turkey and gravy, turkey blah, blah, blah...

As for the rut, I've been waiting for this @#$% doctor to call me back, but of course, why bother, right? This is the thing about medicine that I find strange. We all hear about waiting lists, and money and HMOs and governments but no one ever talks about the plain old silliness and incompetence issues. Why is that? I mean, do we like blaming governments and ourselves and everyone else except Doctors? Do we worship Doctors this much?

So to get around the problem, I'm going to call radiology this morning and ask if they've sent the test results to the endocrinologist, and then ask them to send the results to my family Doctor. She doesn't know much about the endocrinology, but she'll tell me the results right away, either by phone or email.

So then I'll know, hyperthyroid? Thyroid inflamed? Thyroid tumour? Benign or malignant?

At minimum I'll be able to go back on my estrogen soon, or at least take a vitamin, maybe an Advil...I'll certainly need it if I get bad news.

But at least I won't be in a holding pattern anymore, and that has to mean something, anyway.

I'll write more when I know more.

And yes, when facing a crisis, I either run screaming into the street, or make sick jokes. Today I picked the sick joke option. Tomorrow, who knows?


  1. I hate doctors. They love to make you just wait around for results and there is nothing I hate more then waiting. I hope you hear something soon. And that viedo was so funny.

  2. What a pain when you can't get these guys on the phone! Very annoying. I wish they would just post results on the Internet (password protected of course...) and then let you search on what they mean. At least you would know SOMETHING then.

    Hope it's good news.