Monday, November 27, 2006

Too serious all the time, need some frills

The last posts have been very heavy duty serious and while it is good to contemplate a navel or two, at some point, well, maybe we all need a break?

In that spirit, this week I'm off to the Liberal Leadership Convention, and what is my greatest crisis? Not which candidate to support, cause I've got an awesome one, and not where I'm staying, or how I'm getting there. No....not even how I'll vote on various policy resolutions, & constitutional resolutions, even the idiotic nationhood one.

The greatest crisis I face is that I HAVE NOTHING TO WEAR!

Montreal is one of the most fabulous cosmopolitan cities in the world. The rest of Canada is hideously boring and blase, but Montreal and Quebec City are amazing. (Okay maybe I'm being a bit hard on the Rest of Canada...hmmm, may change that last bit.) It's just that from a fashion perspective, Quebec IS very amazing. I've literally never seen a badly dressed woman anywhere in Quebec. Even the women who have no money, bad body shape, etc. etc. seem to look kickass.

And so the pressure is on. I must dress well, or least decently from Wednesday to Sunday. Then I can go back to usual mom slobbiness, k? I went to Winners today and tried to find a decent pair of the new style skinny jeans, and at least one pair of dressy black pants. Hopefully more than one. Because as my regular readers know I am both on a budget, and up a size or two due to thyroid nuttiness. Therefore, my awesome, black velvet Gap pants are very tight. And both pairs of my coolest looking jeans. And don't even ask about my seriously fab casual pants and skirts that I now split out of.

So, I did find a couple of pairs of pants, and a new sweater, and a white dressy shirt. Now, I just have to remember not to wear my new white shirt with my new black pants or I will look like a waiter. Whoops! The other complication is that I have bought a few new sweaters and shirts to go with my new larger thyroid enhanced breasts. It was either that or burst out of a shirt like Britney Spears did. But the new sweaters are still a bit tight on my throat, which is a bit irritated and swollen still.

The long and short of it is that I am madly packing and trying things on and throwing things willy nilly everywhere in a total panic. I no longer give a damn who gets elected leader of the party, I just want to look HOT on the convention floor. Especially because I will not be dragging any small children with me to the convention. Unlike previous conventions, my purse will not have a breast pump, spare Teletubby underpants, or Baby Tylenol. No bloody noses and tissues, no curfew for Mom, no babysitter guilt.

And don't even get me started on the choices in shoe selection! I'm going to need a separate suitcase just for shoes.

I am Mary freakin' Poppins everyday of my life, and do I love it normally, but for the next week, I am really going to enjoy not telling anyone to flush and wash their hands, y'know?

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