Saturday, December 30, 2006

Resolutions 2007

I have two kinds of resolutions this year, blog related and non-blog-related.

Edited to Add: I've changed some of this, trying to be more positive. Bold is new, anything in (these) should be deleted, K?

Blog Resolutions:

1. Get a new blog design & avatar, any opinions here? Anyone?
2. Put my archives back up.
3. Update my blogroll.
4. Fix Technorati account, (any help here is appreciated, the thing is SCREWED)
5. Deal with Bloglines account, also screwed, and add stuff to sidebar I keep meaning to like link to International Infertility Film Festival & Infertility Ribbon Campaign.

Actual Life Related Resolutions

1. Try to get pregnant, try to accept it may not work.
2. Try to Have live baby after becoming pregnant.
2. Try to become effective paid political consultant here in Canada. (insert muffled laughter, because most effin' clients don't want to pay)
3. Try to keep being a (The Perfect) Good Mother.
4. Organize house and paperwork, bills, etc. properly.
5. Ask (Force) multiple personal doctors to work together so that I can be healthy, happy, etc.

And lastly, try not to ask to much of myself. AKA, learn to love the me that already exists right here and now.


  1. What do you know!? We have all the same life resolutions, well except for the political consultant thing. Getting pregnant or at least trying is fun. The one I have control over, organizing paper work, that is NOT going to be fun.

  2. We went through IF for 13 years before adopting. Keep trying, find the right doctors and don't take no for an answer....

    And don't listen to people that say "well, you could always adopt"....

    We did and it's wonderful but you have to be ready to do that phsychologically. I pray that you have a beautiful baby this time next year!