Saturday, January 20, 2007

Frilly hair stuff

Thursday I got my hair done. Many many ages ago I was hip looking and young and stuff, and my hair and clothes reflected that. Now, between chasing after kidlets and dealing with hormonal hell, the hip part doesn't work very well anymore.

Yummy mummy not so much, more like slummy mummy. But, one decision I made a few years a back was to color my hair blond. I was starting to prematurely grey at about 32 or so, and that was a bit early for me. My birth mom had gone completely grey by 40, and I had a feeling the cards were stacked against me. Plus, my estrogen was depleting by then what with the Premature Ovarian Failure and all. So some of my parts were getting ummm prematurely older.

I started with highlighting my extremely dark brown hair, on the advice of the colorist. She was convinced I could never convincingly look blond. So instead she made me look STRIPED like a tiger. Not my best fashion moment---- As we added highlights over many more months and years I was basically bleaching all my hair. And in turn it was becoming very fried.

Then I made a very smart decision and talked to my long time hairstylist Greg, who convinced me to switch to straight coloring. And I did, and voila!!! I have awesome blond caramel hair, that for some reason looks natural even though I'm normally dark haired. Roots vary, but as I get greyer underneath, I'm glad I switched to a lighter color, less contrast.

But my hair was still not so great as far the shape, since I was trying to grow it long (and failing at it) and still look very business/sophisticated. No time to devote to styling it unfortunately! So Thursday, we made the decision to go for something dramatic.

I have Victoria Beckham's hairstyle!

A sharp geometric bob, very short in the back and descending on an angle, long near my face. No bangs. Wild. I can comb it and go, and I look hip. I'll try to get a picture, but I'm not sure how to get the photos off my camera and onto my computer yet. (Ooops)

I'll be more serious Monday, but for today I'm going to go stand in the mirror and make faces and play with my new hair. Weeeee!


  1. you new do sounds great you're inspiring me. I need to do *something*, as I have to renew my drivers licence photo very soon. Our photos here last 10 years, so I don't want to be looking at a disaster pic for that long.

  2. I wish I had the guts to do something fun with my hair. Good for you :-)

  3. Sounds cute. I normally wear my hair long, but cut it around Christmas. I haven't regretted it for a moment. Like you, I went for the wash and go style. I don't even have kids to blame for my lack of energy to do my hair. It's all me and the glory of my laziness. Good times.

  4. Oh for a haircut that I don't need to blow dry to look professional. Sadly my hair is a mix of curly and straight, so just goes in multiple direcctions if I don't blow dry. I really resent the amount of time I've spent in my life blow drying...

  5. You know, that's kind of how I wanted my hair in the end, but I couldn't bring myself to cut it shorter than potential ponytail length. I'm not that brave.

    But caramel blond and that haircut? That probably looks amazing.