Saturday, March 17, 2007

Happy Irish Day!!

Aurelia isn't a very Irish name, but surprise it's not a my real one. hahahaha I am Irish IRL, raised Irish Catholic by my adoptive parents and Irish-Scottish-English Catholic from my birth parents, but I guess not really Irish to anyone from Ireland recently. My ancestors left after the famine, and didn't look back. Not much there until recently when the Celtic Tiger thing started economically. I'd love to go visit someday and see it the country for myself. It sounds fabulous....

In the meantime, I visit blogs like Sky Maybe and learn more about it until the day when I can go there myself. (She's pregnant finally and safely after a few miscarriages...crossing my fingers and toes for her until her little one gets here in ohh about 6 months?)

As for as the blogname goes, I had someone ask where the name Aurelia Cotta came from, and there is a blurb on my sidebar about it. If you look here, and scroll to history, you'll see the explanation I like but also, I sort of think that really if a women is the person whose body goes through this, then why would the precedure be named a Caesarian section; shouldn't it be named a Cottan section? I also think that we have an off view of history as if operations like this weren't possible. Written history is pretty disjointed, if the ancient Romans and Greeks knew about sanitation (and they did) maybe they knew more? I'm not sure.. there was and still is an operation performed to birth a child who is stuck that is not a c-section and keeps the mother alive and safe. It can be done without full abdominal surgery, but involves cutting the vaginal walls someway, cringeworthy yes, but better than dying. I saw something on a blog about it once, and damned if I can remember the name of it?

Anyway, Julius C. invaded Ireland once, so technically maybe I have a few Roman genes flying around in my cells, maybe it fits anyway.

Thank you all for your comments on my last post. I work very hard at all this parenting stuff. My husband sometimes thinks I focus to much on it, especially all the books I read and parenting classes I took for so many years. Still do...between my past and my losses and the infertility I'm scared I'll either be too protective or not vigilant enough. I don't want to project all my emotional crap onto them, or burden them, but I don't want to be the parent who is their "best friend" and lets them get away with murder either, just because they were so difficult to have.

Yes, a disjointed post....bits of stuff flying around my brain...


  1. Happy St. Patrick's Day to you too! My father-in-law was raised in Ireland and still has a strong Irish accent. Do go visit there someday! It's like going back in time about 300 years. The people are so friendly and the scenery is out-of-this world. Been there twice and maybe will get back there again someday.

    I am sure you are doing a wonderful job parenting those boys! You are pretty diligent and I know if you have issues, you'd ask!

    Wear some green today! I probably will although I am half german and half danish *smile*

  2. You should listen to the podcast from (BBC Woman's Hour) for Tuesday this week (so get on to it quickly) - it's on the History of Birth and it says, I'm afraid, that the story about Julius Caesar being born by c-section is a myth...

  3. I hope you had a good Irish day.

  4. My father's mother's family left after the famine too! My father's father's family supposedly left Alsace because they were tired of not knowing if they'd wake up French or German in the morning.

    Happy St. Patty's to you, and I hope your kids were full of appreciation for their wonderful Irish mother.