Friday, March 02, 2007

My power is out

The storm that hit my city has left me without power, and I am at an internet cafe today. Remind me to buy a generator someday...

And yes, hopefully it will be on soon, but I won't get the chance to do much blogging or reading today, so as Lut says, don't break the internet while I'm gone, haha.


It's back, the electricity is on! Yayyyy for heat and light and internet!!!


  1. Our power never went off. It is amazing how different things can be in different areas of the city.

  2. So glad the power is back on! I didn't break it, don't worry (but that could just be because I wasn't here either...) C'mon on Summer 'eh?

  3. I got your comment, thank you... I did a feedburner thing to my blog for an ad thing I do through BlogHer - and it's thrown bloglines off. It's like you can subscribe to my feed just fine, but once you do, you can't see it. I've several other places my feed streams to, like Maya's Mom, and Minty, and it works just fine both places, and feedburner works too. I have no idea what's wrong on the bloglines end. As for adoption - kinda sorta... I relate in emotion the same way an adoptee does. My mother left me at age 4 with relatives and didn't come back. Don't know who my father is. I was never officially adopted. But there isn't a support group for abandoned, and illegally raised children (my parents never had legal custody, but the state never pushed it as they were stable and blood relatives). I've written at motherless (there's a link on my blog) about it a bit. Anyway - thanks for checking and making sure I'm still alive :)