Monday, April 09, 2007

This week's fun activity schedule!

Over the weekend I seem to have attracted a few more people checking out this blog. Hello! /\/\/\/\ (me waving at y'all...)

Some of you may be wondering about other things I've written on some blogs in their comments and not written here, well, when I first got out here in blogland, someone told me they thought I was exaggerating about the things that have happened to me, because a lot of it seemed pretty sad. I have had a pretty difficult life, I admit that, but I was a bit taken aback about their accusation, so I became a little bit reticent about telling it all. And to be honest, I'm used to my life. The bits that are sad, are pretty much just a normal part of my life by now, although I'm sure when others hear the details, it's a lot. It is what it is. It's just dribbling out in pieces I guess...

So to catch up the peanut gallery out there, Tuesday is my RAIU test. This stands for Radioactive Iodine Uptake scan, and it's supposed to check out my thyroid condition. Specifically to figure out why I have hyperthyroid symptoms, but my TSH varies all over the map. It's been low to undetectable, then bouncing back perfectly then all over the place.

I think, based on the research I've done, that my thyroid is gone hyper as evidenced by my previous high uptake six months ago, and that possibly I even have toxic multinodular goiter, all easily treatable, if I can just get a Dr. to pay attention. They are all thrown by the sometimes normal TSH. But various drugs I'm taking including HRT, aspirin, allergy meds, sleep drugs, etc. can all alter the results of TSH, free T3, free T4 tests, so they look fine. Dr.Evil was absolutely no help, because creative discussions about pharmaceutical interactions were simply beyond her. My other endocrinologists have tried to convince me that I'd just feel better if I got pregnant, and if you remember, the last one decided that I must be diabetic, or have PCOS, even though that was impossible.


I guess if I stop eating twinkies and relax and have sex it will all be better, right?

Anyway, so back to being my own Doc again...I got my GP to order the RAIU, and another MRI, and we're going from there.

Oh yeah, forgot to mention the story of all my neurological symptoms didn't I? See, two years ago, after years of sleep disturbances I went to a sleep clinic. They diagnosed me with a parasomnia, very mild, but possibly neurological (as opposed to psychological) in origin. I got a CT scan, and an MRI. Both came back showing some slight abnormalities, but not conclusive for anything in particular. So I got another one, with contrast, yadda yadda. They said they saw nothing, but it turned out later, they only looked at arteries and veins, not brain structures related to my parasomnia. (The original reason for which they did the effin' MRI, the buttheads....)

Anyway, the thyroid problem is possibly, remotely, but highly unlikely a TSH-oma; a brain tumour that can cause normal TSH yet high 24-hour uptake on a RAIU scan, and hyperthyroid symptoms, and ovarian failure due to pressure on the pituitary, and make ADD worse, and sleep disturbances, and well, it's totally unlikely, but if I write it here on my blog, then it becomes impossible, RIGHT? RIGHT? Work with me people, okay!!!

So I'll be radioactive, the next 72 hours. The good news is that I get the bathroom to myself, since all the stuff goes out through my urine. The bad news is the environment is going to take a slight hit, whoops!

I apologize to all the fish I'm about to kill. With glow in the dark pee.



  1. Oh good lord in heaven, girl, I had no idea that your thyroid thingy was so complicated! They need to start listening to you, since it seems like you've narrowed the causes down to a very serious one.

    A tip I just got through reading Didion's The Year of Magical Thinking - if you want Them (the idiots with the medical degrees) to pay attention, don't use clinical terms, rather explain the same thing in "I'm just a dumb patient" language. For example, her daughter was overhydrated, suffered severe edema as a result, so...she told the doctors that she looked really "puffy", etc., etc. The next day the "doctor" changed her daughter's protocol as if it were something that popped fully-grown from his own over-educated forehead (all Athena-like). Anyway, just a thought...

  2. Gosh, Aurelia. I really really hope the RAIU test goes well, and that it's something easy to treat.

    I can't imagine why readers wouldn't just choose to say nothing or stop reading if they don't believe you.

    I'll be thinking about you today.

    Take care. Enjoy your private bathroom.

  3. Hope your tests turn out okay Aurelia. Whether radioactive or not, you have a glowing personality. BTW I wonder if there could be a correlation between sex, twinkies and pregnancy? :)

  4. I was laughing out loud over your last sentences (the ones just before the evil laugh).

    Hope your test goes "well." It must be frustrating as well as scary that they can't pinpoint exactly what's going on -- much less treat or cure it.

  5. Good luck with the test!

    And, also, are you trying to imply that twinkies and sex don't cure all that ails ye? Damn. There goes my treatment plan.

  6. Thanks for keeping tabs on me the last few weeks.

    I didn't know about that test, thanks for writing about it. My parents both have underactive thyroids, so it is good to know this stuff.

    And is it wrong that I find the radioactive pee thing a little funny? I think you should give yourself a superhero name for it!

  7. Ugh, doctors are crap at creative thinking. It's a wonder the medical schools haven't picked up on this yet.

    I'm gonna head down to Lake Ontario and go fishing... wanna find some of these deformed fish your radioactive pee is causing!

    Good luck with the test. I hope the cause of all this craziness is the least complicated and dangerous problem possible.

  8. Best of luck with the test and that they diagnosis something that is easy to treat!

    And bring on all the truth in your life, no matter how sad. It's your blog so you can share whatever you like. I, for one, will keep reading. Who wants to read blogs that are all sweetness and light? I can't even relate to people who are like that so why would I spend my time reading their blogs? :-)

  9. I am glad that you write about all of the tough stuff. I don't feel nearly so alone in my own struggles.

  10. Bah! All us infertile adoptees are just neurotic messes who make shit up for sympathy and attention, don't you know! (rolls eyes!)

    Looking forward to hearing the results!

  11. Wow, comments working for the time being, so I'd better type fast :-)!
    Sorry about your thyroid probs, boy sistah can I sympathize!!!
    One of my endocrinologists way-back-when had me do the 24-hr urine collection routine... My, wasn't THAT fun! but through this we learned that my adrenals & kidneys were working together PERFECTLY! I was SO proud!
    hang in there!

  12. Hope your test goes well Aurelia!!! The fish are a small sacrifice to see you're okay. x

  13. I'm with LIW... I have a hard time relating to all that is sunshine and lollipops.

    When I read about your life, and all that you've been through and are going through - it gives me courage to maybe talk about my own issues. Maybe. Someday.

    Keep up the good work.

  14. What?? WHAT??? People think you LIED???

    I'm floored by this. I'm utterly floored that people have the nerve to visit someone else's blog and accuse them of exaggerating. And about infertility, loss and a troubling medical history?

    I'm floored.

    And I hope you're doing okay, radioactive pee and all...