Wednesday, July 25, 2007


(Camp drama continues...almost resolved, I'm trying to write something coherent now, just had to get this other bit out.)

Just had to get the surfer dude out of my brain. Ahem.

See, either surfer dude was in there, because I keep seeing double or triple or well, 23 times over every time I look at your blogs in bloglines. Does anyone else have this problem? I mean.....none of you have actually uploaded 15-35 posts in the last 4 days right? Cause there is no way I really have hundreds of posts to read. Must be a malfunction....probably only 20 or 30 when I drill it down, right?

Although, on that subject----could all of you take a peek and look at what your feeds are set to? For those of you who don't know what that is, go under settings, and feeds, and set them ALL to full. Some of you have them on partial or title only, or eeeeek OFF, which means that when things get screwed up like this I will never be able to find you to read you.

And I want to. Badly. I am feeling rather ranty and outraged on behalf of several of you who have had to go password protect or move or take down your blogs.

Someday someone has to explain to me why this happens. We are supposed to be an advanced civilization, yet, at a moment's notice ordinary human beings seem to descend into Lord of the Flies. Or Grade 6 prom night. Stalkers come out of the woodwork, friends spy on us instead of courteously trying to help, families don't like what we say....even when we blog pseudononymously and their freakin' names aren't even ON the internet.

So in the spirit of being kind to others, go visit my friend Thrice. She is struggling with ADD, heart failure, a difficult marriage, and trying to parent her kids after infertility and almost dying in the last few months. And she was oh-so-lucky to get some "advice" today from a passerby.


Go show her some love. For me. Thanks y'all! *Smooches*


  1. *checking feed*

    Yup should be ok.

  2. Me too, all of it except for the multiple feeds. I had one episode of that with one particular blog a few days ago but not again.

  3. I had that same problem with Bloglines - suddenly there were PILES of "new" posts - but they weren't really.

  4. I have had that problem in the past with bloglines, but moved to google reader a few months ago and haven't had an issue since.

    I agree on the full feed thing. I can't stand clicking through. I'm a lazy ass though. :)

  5. I am having the same problem with bloglines! Glad to hear I am not alone on that one.

    I too am appalled at the way some people treat others. Mean people suck.

    OK, I gotta go get my BIG BAT to conduct some beatings on Thrice's behalf.

  6. I have a lot of 'old' posts showing up as new in bloglines too. But I believe that when bloggers tinker with old posts, they are treated as new and included in their feed.

  7. Bloglines does that to me too. Messes with my mind.

  8. Thanks, Aurelia. You're a sweetie. Love ya, but don't tell anyone, because I hate to show emotion in that touchy, feely, huggy kind of way.b ;-)

    I use Google Reader too and love it.

  9. I checked mine, as per your instructions, and all is as it should be. It's a good thing you told me exactly what to do, or I would have had NO clue what you were talking about. It's a good thing I have you to educate me on all sorts of things! :) You're so smart!

  10. This is all fine and good, but I want to know what happened with the camp!?!