Friday, July 13, 2007

Life Renovation

I've been throwing things away literally....and symbolically. Rearranging my stuff always makes me rearrange my life. Last week I threw away bags and boxes of junk, and sorted out zillions of bionicles and legos and nails and screwdrivers, and DVDs, and well you get the idea?

This week I switched my living room and my dining room because my dining room is much larger and it made more sense to put our larger couches and the piano in that room.

Yeah, I moved a piano, all by myself!

Ok, not true, I actually had help moving it, and the other furniture. Still, I worked my tail off moving every damn thing back and forth....and really it has changed my outlook on life. Fresh start, new direction, new TV cable hookup, switched all the lighting fixtures....brilliant.

Feeling much better cause Kaz is back this weekend from camp, and of course, with all the good karma in the blogosphere these days, I'm feeling a little wee bit of hope. Congratulations to Julia & Steve, and a big thanks to Sharah at Outlandish Notions for doing a statistical analysis of that half-baked PGD study.
I really value all the smart funny and fabulous women the blogosphere has let me meet.

You ALL help me change my life, every day. Thanks!


  1. I need a life renovation! That's exactly what I need. Too bad I keep so little stuff that I don't really have anything to throw away. Change is good - I like to rearrange things every once in a while. Your positive vibe inspires me! I've been a little bit too down about my life lately. Thanks for inspiring me to change it!

  2. So you made a trip to the Goodwill or you are having a rummage sale sometime soon? I always felt in some instances - less is better :)

  3. Hurrah for renovations! Nothing like new surroundings to make you feel all shiny and new inside. Enjoy!

  4. I am person who loves to clean house, sort, and throw away- so even hearing about someone else's organization frenzy warms my heart!

    Looking forward to hearing about Kaz's camp experience!

  5. I love cleaning house. I have trouble throwing out the kids school/art work. I end up scanning it and then tossing it. I'll just hand them a CD one day.

  6. Geez...I am sorry that I haven't been keeping up. I really appreciate your politics and spunk! I am trying to get back on board with reading lots of great blogs everyday - like yours!

    Thanks thanks for your advice on my blog. I never would have known about the generic hcg. And it is so tough to decide which tests to have done when. I was thinking alot about what Dr. Gentle said when we came up with our fertility plan two cycles ago and it brought me much comfort: that we would never stick with one tactic for very long if it wasn't working. I respect that immensely. I am frankly impressed that he suggested the trigger shot this cycle. It's clear that he takes an aggressive approach and that's how I roll, as my 17-yr old sister-in-law would put it. I expected him to agree to monitor me with ultrasounds this cycle but to do everything else the same as last month.

    This tells me that Dr. Gentle is the right doctor for me, at least right now. So, I agree that one more cycle of clomid makes sense before moving on to the hsg.

    Again, mucho thanks for your comments!!