Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween!

I am having a bunch of people over to my house tonight, so I'm going a bit crazy. My awesome cleaning lady is here, doing her best to cope with the aftereffects of painting the house. We are, as we speak, attempting to reassemble things so that everyone has a place to sit, and the breakables are out of reach of hands, and safe from elbows and costumes.

I woke up to discover the Conservatives have decided to give some big tax cuts to the rich...rather disturbing to say the least. Sneaky bastards are pretending to give the breaks to the poor, and to "everyone" but the higher your income, the more you benefit, so in my books, not such a great bunch of tax cuts. Very regressive. And we have no deficit so they figure what they can afford it. Except that some of us would like some government program spending thanks!

I mean really, lets be honest, what the heck do I need with more money now? I'm already getting a couch! There comes a point where I need less and less stuff. And if I really want it, we can buy it and still pitch in our fair share of taxes. It won't kill us...

But back when I was a kid, I needed financial help, and thank God the government was there to help me with education, with health care, with subsidies for all sorts of things. It wasn't perfect, but we didn't have to worry about infrastructure falling on our heads, like we do now. And it wasn't charity, so we never had to feel like we were begging, something NO ONE should ever have to do. Human rights aren't just things like freedom of speech, everyone has the right to a dignified economic standard of living.

There is a point to government---it can be a force for good. I get the distinct impression this government spends all of it's time being deeply suspicious. Sometimes I wish I could send them back in time to be me as a kid, knowing that the only time I'd ever get name brand candy was on Halloween, because my family could barely afford food.

I am so so grateful for the help that I got back then. I want to pay it back, but as long as these idiots are in power, it may not work so well...


  1. We have a similar situation here in Australia. Only the Liberal Party is in the middle of an election campaign, and I am not the only one who says...well, I don't need an extra $5, or $10, or $20...I'd rather see that money spent where it is desperately needed, such as hospitals, dental care, and education (might I add the same govt stripped funding from all the above). But yet...the government thinks they can buy the public with a few dollars. It's like you said...we'd rather go without those so if a situation arises where we need to fall back on welfare, there is such a thing.

  2. We have a deficit, and our tax cuts still go to the rich.

    Say, how about an op-ed? You are certainly very persuasive. Or is it because I don't need persuading? :) I honestly don't see how reasonable people would not see the point of dignity as a human right that sometimes has to come in the form of government programs.

  3. I really like these posts, not only because I don't know a lot about Canadian government, but it reminds me that I used to be a lot more active and aware when I had brain cells. I hope to get back to business when this cycle is over.

    And as a friend once asked me - do you blog for you or your audience?

    I also think that a lot of people don't have the courage to blog about politics and inequity/injustice therein, so kudos to you.