Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Haven't quite got the answer yet

There was a long long wait for ultrasound this morning, in fact for everything at the clinic, mostly because there was only one Doctor on, and he was so young and new, we're nicknaming him Dr. Just Graduated. He likes to take his sweet time with patients, in fact, he likes to take freakin' forever, and treat us like we're stupid and naive and unable to read an ultrasound screen. He even talked slower when speaking to us! Bizarre...it was all I could do not to rip the dildocam out of his quaking little hands, stick it up my vagina, and do the scan myself.

Anyway, in the end, we have a nice gestational sac, a yolk sac, 3.5 mm I think, and it's all positioned at the top of the fundus, so thank God, I may avoid my usual drama of wondering whether the embryo will once again implant so low, we'll be debating how to get the baby out. Fido the Fibroid is now 6 cm wide and growing, but nowhere near the sac. I guess that explains the bulge in my pants. And here I thought it was my uterus.

And yes, just one yolk sac. Poor Mr.Cotta actually said "Thank God!" so loudly the nurse jumped. I was fine because I'm already at high enough risk as it is without discussing multiples, but he had worked himself up a bit on the subject, I think.

The only problem is that the low resolution machine they use for this could see a heartbeat flickering, but couldn't record the heartrate. Dr.Just Graduated tried mightily, but could only find MY heartrate! And at 6 weeks, 1 day, a heartrate is easily obtained and standard minimum practice on any decent machine. Hell, on the high-resolution ones, they've found heartrates for me at 5 and a half weeks!

They want me to come back in a week, and they'll find it then, to which I laughed and laughed. And then picked up the phone and booked another US at another clinic for this afternoon.

I mean, HEEEELLLOOOOO, does anyone think I'm going to put up with anything less than the most aggressive treatment possible? Sigh.....such dorks, I'm emailing Dr.Eyebrows with the complete story afterwards.

I hate when Dr.Eyebrows is gone to conferences, because his clinic staff take over, and they have gotten so used to doing things in a certain way that they really don't feel like changing, regardless of the technological advances. He is always very kind and positive, but these guys drive me crazy. Poor Dr. Just Graduated looked like he'd give anything for a better machine, but the only one there was the one used for egg retrievals, and it was being sterilized and draped for the OR.

So I'll update with more after my second date with a dildocam for the day.


  1. Well, this is good news for now, and I will wait to hear even better news after U/S #2!!

  2. Bring on high resolution!
    What? do they think they are dealing with novices? People who think two lines equals a baby? They need to invest in some good machines, dammit!

  3. Good luck. Even this afternoon must feel like an eternity....

  4. Seing the heartbeat flickering is already great news.... I hope that with the new machine you can hear it as well... Good luck!

  5. AHA! Just like I said! One week at a time, you know.

  6. Ye, what DD said :)

    Update soon huh, I'll be in bed by then but still :)


  7. I'm glad your getting another scan. Let's hope it's more good news with some quantitation on that heartbeat!

  8. Sounds good!!!

    I'm in the "a heartbeat is a heartbeat" school of thought - maybe because they've never measured heartrates for me (I guess it's just not done in Israel).

    Enjoy scan #2 :-)

  9. I love when the apologize for having to dildo cam you. Ummmmm... yeah, I get it. Just stick it in, okay?

    Good luck on the second scan! I can't believe the resolution was so craptacular.

  10. I hope scan # 2 brings good news.