Sunday, October 07, 2007

Welcome to the nutty

I'm leaving the last post up for posterity, just so we know what pregnancy can do me. And later, when I tell you all how calm and relaxed I was, you can point that thing out to me and laugh and laugh and laugh. Good times.

That last post is an example of what happens when you don't sleep, don't have your husband home to hold on to, and when your previous record of non-stop pregnancy sickness is really doing better. Leading you to suspicious belief that something is wrong because you are NOT hugging the toilet.

I have discovered something brilliant though. When I don't inject the heparin regularly, I feel sicker. I can't do it every single morning at the same time, so I'm trying to change the time to later in the day, maybe evening. So I did it this afternoon instead, and tomorrow I'll move it to evening. Well, I felt nauseated all morning. And within 15 minutes of injecting it today, my nausea was gone.

I had the same reaction to hcg injections when I did those last pregnancy. But even at 2,500 units/shot their half-life was longer, about 3 days. That high was great! I felt like SUPERUTERUS for 2 days after each shot. (I'm not doing them this time, I may later if I can convince my drug dealer/RE/OB to give some.) Seriously, energy galore! No nausea! Great sex life!

There are several theories of why NVP exists, and Motherisk has loads of research on it, but my favorite theory right now, is that some women's bodies react to the new embryo improperly, and together they create the wrong "type" of hcg, and the placenta is improperly constructed as a result. (This can accumulate over time, so a first pregnancy can be successful, but each successive one as you get older and older is worse.)

Poor blood flow, and improper passage of nutrients, cells, etc. cause the nausea, similar to when your body senses you have a flu bug or have ingested germs somehow, and tries to get rid of it by throwing up. In theory, by replacing the bad hcg with good hcg from healthy women, you can hopefully construct a good placenta. Or by using heparin or baby aspirin, or both, you can hopefully build a good placenta, and keep it from blocking up the arteries and veins, or inflaming the whole damn thing.

And hopefully get a live baby out of the whole adventure.

Anyway, the hcg injections were easy 3 years ago but the heparin shots haven't been. The first three days are marked by three bruises, each worse than the last. But thanks to Bea and the IVF Shoot 'Em Up site, today went like breeze! I'm on 5,000 units of fragmin, but it felt like nothing after following her instructions. Thanks Bea! You are a GENIUS!


  1. Glad to see that you are more optimistic today.

  2. Glad the injection went better. I'm all tingly from feeling like I helped someone.

    And it's interesting what you say about the heparin and the morning sickness.


  3. OMG I just read your news today. And as I can see you are freaking out just a little but that is expected. I am wishing you nothing but the best. And I would wish you a worry free PG but I know that is not going to happen.

  4. Um, I didn't see anything even remotely crazy in your last post.
    Of COURSE you're thinking how tenuous this whole thing is.
    Happy Thanksgiving, Aurelia.

  5. Oh Aurelia, I just read your news! Many congratulations, but I totally understand the reservations - do whatever you need to do to get through each day, one day at a time. Take care of yourself.

  6. Well, speaking as someone who has lost multiple pregnancies, most recently last week, I thought the previous post was spot-on!

    Hang in there Aurelia, as you said, one day at a time.

  7. wow, hadn't checked on you in a few days, and come to read this!! Best best wishes and thinking of you!! yay !

  8. Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy!!!!! I am ridiculously excited for both of us and so hope we both get take live home babies on the same beautiful 40 week post LMP day! I just finished reading your last 5-6 posts and feel like it has been so long since I have checked in on you. I am trying not to focus on how neglectful I have been and instead focus on our good news. I get my scan on the 17th. My docs seem optimistic and I am dutifully taking my prometrium even though my levels looked pretty good without it. And so we both march on and hope for the best. I have missed you so much and have endless thanks for the fact that you have been so loyal and left comments even during my absence. I love ya, man!

  9. great news so far, aurelia, and I will leave it at that on the congrats front for now. Very interested in your theory, when I'm not brain dead (not sure when that will be) I'll go and read more about it.

  10. Nice to be a bit perkier today eh.

  11. Well, my friend, I would have to say nuttiness is one of you more endearing qualities! ;)

    I am glad you are feeling better today. I hope you stay that way for a few days at least.

  12. Have you been officially diagnosed with Hyperemesis? The placental abnormalities are a definite theory. The HER Foundation is involved in research at USC, looking for genetic information on HG. or

    That Heparin or aspirin could work for HG is an exciting thought to much nicer than the nasty antiemetics so often dosed out.

  13. Julia has a growth disorder, the marker of which is a mutation for a transcription factor. one of the things it does is aid in placental attachment and was I ever sick with her.
    I totally buy your theory.