Friday, October 26, 2007

Yep, still here

I'm trying very very hard to ride this rollercoaster but it's just not cooperating.

Last week I had to take Kaz into the ENT clinic again to get his nose cauterized again, because of course he has been bleeding all over the place AGAIN. So much for "if we cauterize the bulging vessels, he won't get any more bloody noses, ma'am. This should take care of it." I think the nice young Irish doctor was patting me on the head as well because when I told him my experienced pediatrician wanted him to look up in the nasal cavity a little further and make sure there weren't any vessels bulging in there, he did do it, but told me it that if it was a bleed up there, that it would only be a rare cancerous tumour, and it wasn't there, so not to worry. He cauterized the vessels out on the edge of the nose, and made out like he was laughing, because he "knew" we were fine.

And two days late Kaz had a superhuman nosebleed all over the bathroom.

Yes, you Dr. Patronizing fuckhead, we're just "fine," thanks.....note to self, call back for another appointment, with BETTER Doctor.

Tonight we went out to an open house for a private Catholic high school my husband wants to send Kaz to next year. (It's grade 7-12.) I want him to stay where he is, but Mr.Cotta was all hyped so I agreed to a tour. Frankly, the school was great, the teachers fine, the students there were nice, but the other applicants? Yikes! I grew up poor, and I understand when kids can't afford name brand clothes, but I CANNOT comprehend taking a child to this event with greasy hair, dirty nails, sloppy untucked clothes and worse manners. Weirdly, the dirtiest, rudest kids seemed to be the middle and upper middle class kids. The poorer ones were neat as a pin, and polite & attentive.

Kids will be kids...but there is a time and a place for dirt and once in a while, they should be able to get it together, you know? In this day and age, is that asking to much? Hell, maybe it is...some of the parents were even worse. It's not even winter, no parkas needed, and it looked like some of them hadn't dragged a comb through their hair in days. Yet, they expect their children to be admitted to the school, with a first impression consisting of "interpersonal scuzz."

God almighty, these filthy little jackasses can't be the future of Canada...please....

And here's to hoping that my new coffee table arrives Friday morning. It's supposed to, so it's unlikely it actually will.

I was chatting with a friend of mine today and she told me that ever since she's known me, all I've wanted is a baby and new furniture, in that order. It's ironic that this evening, I'm feeling more hopeful that the baby will arrive than I am about the new couch ever getting here.

I'll put the pregnancy related stuff in another post, next. I don't want to think about nice things whilst in a full on rant! Good for distracting me, I guess.


  1. Hey there,
    Just wanted you to know that I stopped in and caught up with your blog. I don't have a whole lot to say because I think maybe my current life has taken my ability to be interesting away. Sigh.

    But, I'm still here and reading.

  2. Sorry to hear Kaz is having so many problems with the nosebleads! Hoping you can get a better doc to take care of it!

    Re. the kids at the open house... That seems to be a recurring thing all over the place. When I take Chris to doctor's appointments, school and such, I make sure he is dressed nicely, hair combed, etc. When I see what the other kids come in looking like, I think I must be way to overprotective! And...they tend to be the kids with money too. What happened to the days of kids being polite and proper?? Makes no sense to me.

  3. My brother had the same issue with nosebleeds. He had his nose cauterized (or, as I understood it, cordroy-ized), but it didn't help at all.

    Uh, looking on the bright side on the school thing, if Kaz went there at least he'd stand out in a good way among all those rude, greasy, dirty kids.

  4. What's the deal? Totally thought I commented here already.

    I'm sorry that you ran into another ass of a doctor. Has Kaz seen an allergist as well?

  5. Boo for arrogant doctors.
    Boo for unkempt kids.
    Yay? for the table? Hopefully?