Tuesday, October 30, 2007


8 weeks, 1 day we are measuring right on target, heart rate is 149 bpm, and the crown rump length is 1.7 cm.

The little fetbryo is floating away growing just fine. Last week at Dr. Eyebrows, when I saw the fibroid squishing the sac, it looked like the baby was being crushed, but now I KNOW it's the crappy machine that just made it look that way. It can't do proper angles, as well as having clarity issues that prevent us from getting the heartrate, so the fancy new machine is awesome. Sigh of relief....

Best of all Fred the Fibroid has either stopped growing or is possibly getting smaller!!! The SOB is measuring 6 cm x 4.5 cm, so either last weeks giant growth was mismeasured, or the machine was crap, or all these little pains I've been having are Fred losing his firmness and shrinking, hehe.

I'm off to the docs to check on my UTI status, and then I'm going shopping for tile, and curtains and the remaining bits of Halloween costumes.

I'm thinking of going out as a blog for Halloween, complete with paper strips on my arms for sidebars, printing out a header and sticking it on my forehead and a couple of posts for the body. I may even print out some HTML and put it on my t-shirt underneath, like when people look for source code!

I can't do this bizarre one yet because my stomach isn't big enough, but here it is if you want to steal it. I once saw another infertile, now pregnant woman dressed all in black normal clothes, except for her stomach which was uncovered. She had used spirit gum and some fake scar material to make a giant open sore complete with fake blood beside her navel, then glued & hung a huge bunch of tiny baby spiders on white string coming out of it.

Best part, her complete look of nonchalance. It was her way of dealing with the stress, basically a huge eff-you to the universe.

Brilliant----hmmm, maybe I could do that one anyway? Hmmmm...


  1. Awesome! I'm so happy that the fetbryo is doing well!

    I like your blog costume idea... that would certainly be an eye-opener to your sons: "yes, mommy knows what a blog is!"

  2. Yay for fetbryo and shrink, Fred, shrink!

  3. This all just makes me smile. :o)

    And I'm waiting for that dance you promised. YouTube, maybe?

  4. Grow fetbryo grow! Shrink Fred shrink! (gotta keep saying it 'cause apparantly they were both listening)

    Congratulations on the wonderful news!!!

    I love the blog-costume idea!!!! Hahaha

    The spider one...um...er...I loathe spiders (except for writing spiders and banana spiders). A little too creepy for me.

  5. Yippe eye Yeah ki OH!

    Have a great trick or treat night!

  6. YAY!!!!! I am doing the happy dance for you!

  7. Hi Aurelia - I stumbled onto your blog a few weeks and have been holding my breath for you. I'm soooo happy that you finally have some good news. Congrats!

  8. 1. congratulations on the good u/s - continued best wishes on that front.

    2. that pregnant "costume" is brilliant. wonderful. terrific. i wish i'd thought of that. i was 36w at halloween four years ago.

  9. Yay! That Halloween costume is freaky, however.

    I'm going to vote that Fred is getting smaller! And hopefully will continue to.

  10. Wonderful news! Yay for embryo Cotta and good riddance to Fred.
    Last Halloween we had a party and I "came out" as a pregnant person – I was five months – by wearing form-fitting black and spirit-gumming plastic spiders to every available bit of skin. I didn't have enough belly to bare, though.
    I think I'll skip Halloween this year.
    What are your boys dressing up as?

  11. Yeah for good news!!! I am thrilled that the little guy is measuring right on and all the other good stats. Whoohoo! Can't wait to see if you really go with the blog costume.

  12. More good news...
    Kinda tongue-tied from exhaustion meself, though!

  13. Great news!!

    You have to send me a pic of the blog costume! I am dying to see it.

  14. Ewwwww.....spiders emerging from a giant oozing sore. I just can't get past that image.

    Congrats on your great u/s though.

  15. So glad for the happy news! And I like your idea for the Halloween costume!

  16. Great news.

    I never would have thought of dressing as a blog, but it sounds pretty cool, and original, and it all works - love the source code.


  17. Congrats, AC. That's just f*&king awesome.

  18. What great news to read first thing in the morn. I am so happy for you!!!!! Keep on growing little bean.

  19. Oh Aurelia! This is great news! Just wonderful.

    I can't wait to see what you look like dressed as a blog. What a hilarious idea.

  20. very happy the fetbryo is growing and measuring on track. way to go Aurelia.