Friday, March 14, 2008

Just the distraction I needed

My leg cramps did calm down after that post went up, and then I took some sleeping medication, the stuff my doc gave me----happy sane momma = happy sane baby right? Had a good sleep last night, now I just need to replicate that for a week or so and life will seem less freaked out. Not gonna think about the rest.

If the kid comes out with three horns, I'm sure I'll hear I told you so from someone in the real world, so only the entire internet's gonna know, okay? You guys can keep a secret right? Good...

Now for some amazing news! I woke up this morning and saw the National Newspaper Awards. Turns out that the Globe and Mail and Carolyn Abraham had a nomination under long features, for a story about the recent trend in people having funerals for their miscarried babies. (Behind a firewall since it was so long ago---let me know if you want a copy, I have it as a .pdf, and yes, you just might recognize a few people you know...(grin)) You all know that this is a subject and a story near and dear to my heart? One that I know is controversial, but so what? In the end, I am pro-choice, and I firmly believe that we can't suck and blow on this one, either we all believe in a woman's right to choose to get pregnant, stay pregnant, end an unwanted pregnancy and mourn the loss of a wanted pregnancy, or we don't. How a woman decides to view a pregnancy is her business, it's not for others to dismiss her feelings on the subject. We as a society have to start respecting other's personal choices, even the ones we may not agree with, otherwise, we may as well live in a dictatorship, right?

So to any members of the press reading this post, please vote for the story!!! It's up against a story about spring cleaning, and another about a shooter in Montreal. Fine stories I'm sure, but this is 25 times better IMHO.

Not that I'm biased or anything! chuckle

I'm off the see a movie tonight with the family. We're going to see our favourite new anti-war anti-occupation of Iraq political movie. We're going to see Horton Hears a Who! What, you didn't think it was political? You silly people, you actually thought Dr.Suess was all about children's books and amusement? Oh my, you need to read my next post then. Just putting in links, it should be up in a few minutes.

Yes, a multi-post's amazing what a good night's sleep can do. I am feeling embarrassed by the fact that I am sitting here blogging while others work around me, they know I'm high risk and can't do my usual painting, helping, sorting, but still it does feel rather odd, rather lady of the house, you know?

Oh well, I'm working too right? I'm making a baby. It just involves less outer work, more inner work.


  1. Oh, wow, I saw the newspaper awards announcement in the Globe but didn't look at it too closely. I remember that story, it was pretty good, & they interviewed some of the people from my pregnancy loss support group in it -- will have to dig out my copy again & see if I recognize anyone else now. ; )

    Glad you are having a better day... "Horton" seems to be getting excellent reviews -- will look forward to hearing yours!

  2. Glad to hear you're feeling better. Of course Dr. Seuss was political - Butter Battle Book anyone?

  3. That is a good story – she deserves the NNA.
    The idea that I should hide my grief or somehow be a tool for the pro-life movement makes me very annoyed, too. Surely we are so, so past that debate in this country.
    (Have you heard that pro-lifers south of the border have been using "Horton" as a venue to distribute literature, by the way. The widow Seuss is apparently pissed.)

  4. So glad to see your feeling better!

    Could you send me the pdf of the story? I'd be interested in reading it.

  5. Glad you are feeling better.
    yes, that was a good story. hope it wins.

    Enjoy the movie. We might end up seeing it on Sunday. Or next weekend.

  6. woo I hope that article wins.
    I'm totally with you on the right to mourn the loss of a wanted pregnancy.