Friday, June 27, 2008

Throat clearing

That is what my baby does all night and all day, clears his throat and grunts. Odd child...

I think he has thrush and I have yeast and that is what the remnants of pain are when I breastfeed. So now I have to use Canesten which is easy, along with the triple nipple cream cooler doula mentioned in my comments a wee while back.

Hard part is the purple colored gentian violet for his tongue and mouth, which looks horrible and makes my nipples look like headlights, which I hate, hate hate. And then awful women come up to me and say stupid things like, "You know, you aren't supposed to feed your baby candy!"

That's right lady, candy and cigarettes, breakfast of champions for infants at my house.

On the bright side he has been sleeping five straight hours in a row every night since I last posted that I was in hell.

Let me guess, he is trying to lull me into a false sense of sanity---Sneaky little bugger, eh?


  1. I had the same yeast problems and also did the gentian violet. I remember thinking my son looking like he was wearing lipstick and not very well.

  2. My little one had thrush on the insides of her lips. The doctor requested a compound of nystatin and this paste which stuck the meds right to the spots it needed to be in, was gone in days....
    Hope he (and you!) get over it soon.
    He sounds odd, but delightfully so.

  3. Fess up, you're feeding him Fruity Pebbles for breakfast, aren't you? I KNEW IT!!!

  4. omigod... someone didn't really say that, did they?

    hooray on sleep.

  5. Someone actually said that??

    I used nystatin when the boys & i had thrush, but it took a good month to get rid of the crap anyway.

    Yay sleep!

  6. my son looked like a very young David Bowie with the gentian violet...i looked like i'd sloppily applied purple pasties. i thought he came out far better. ;)

    great news about the sleep though...five hours straight took us months. i'm cheered to hear that that's not necessary, as i've been dreading that part of the newborn period...

  7. Oy for stupid people. Just oy.

    Glad to hear of the 5 hours. 5 hours is great. Now to banish the yicky thrush.

  8. Did that woman really say that???? 5 hours is not bad for the moment, hope he keeps it up.


  9. Oooo, 5 hours, I would love that. Glad things are going more reasonably.

  10. what did you say to the rude woman?

  11. That's really not good. you should see why he clears his throat so much it could be acid reflux that has gotten out of control. my dad clears his throat so much you think he's immitating the cookie monster.