Thursday, June 05, 2008

Vampira is back

Not having seen me lately, many of you are unaware of how pale I am right now.

Whiter than humanly possible is how I look lately and when my hemoglobin was 54 the day after the c-section I looked like a corpse. Add in the pitting edema that swelled my entire body and especially my legs to double their size, and it truly was my finest moment. Pale, puffy, mentally impaired, weak, breathless, bedridden, yep definitely hot momma dating material.

Anyway, some good news today! My hemoglobin is up to 106 and since normal is 120+ I'm doing really well. I'm still taking iron pills and will continue to until I am solidly full of rich red blood and not the crappy light colored cherry juice I am now.

Other good news? The swelling in my feet is remarkably reduced, almost gone. I can see veins in my feet and the vague outlines of bones! Weeeeee. I almost fit my old shoes!!!

And today I walked all the way to the pediatrician's office and back. (Just a quick check of Julius' bellybutton healing-it's all good.) The office is a 5 minute walk from my house. It took half an hour each way, I needed our nanny to push the stroller and I needed a rest afterwards.

But I did it!!!!!

I am so proud of myself.


  1. good for you!

    i'm so glad that you're recovering well!

  2. Excellent Mama...take good care.

  3. I'm impressed that you did the walk and it's gotta keep getting easier, right? I mean after not-having-a- c-section it takes a few weeks to start feeling close to normal. (Here the doctors say to take it easy for 6 weeks.)

    How are the big kids?

  4. Excellent! Keep up the slow walking as you can.

    I hope those iron pills are having only good effects....They were necessary, but oh, the unpleasantness. Take care & bless that nanny of yours (again).

  5. Take it easy, but I'm glad to hear you're getting out and about a bit.

  6. Been away from blogland for awhile.
    Just catching up on some of your news.
    Congrats to you, your fam and your gorgeous little man!
    Take good care of all of you.
    Poss. xxxxx

  7. Glad that you're starting to feel better again!

  8. Wow! Talk about super-woman! Glad to hear you and the baby are doing so well. Hope this is all a memory soon and you can really get into enjoying your new baby.

  9. YAY! Glad to hear things are improving. Keep it up, but don't push yourself so hard that you end up hurt again.

    Such good news.

  10. the pitting edema and the vampira look aside, i'm quite jealous of your walk. :)

    good for you, Aurelia. keep on trucking...gently.

  11. Good for you, girl. Glad to hear that things are improving. You'll be back to your old feisty self in no time!

  12. Yay you! Glad you're getting better bit by bit. ANd glad everything is ok with Julius.

  13. yay for the walk! And yay for the healing belly button.

  14. you did not walk in this sweltering heat....ok good for you. I am glad you took your time.
    Did you send D the birth announcement?