Sunday, November 30, 2008


I have been feeling mightily ashamed at my technical incompetence on the blogroll front. So I buckled down today and fixed it the bit in my account that prevented me from getting blogroll code. Somehow or other I have managed to add my blogroll from bloglines, bit by bit.

Only one wee problem, I have not kept up to date with moving most of you around into different categories, so this may look a little goofy until I figure out that yes, you did have a baby and should be in the mom category, etc...frankly, I'm just amazed I didn't blow up the blog at this point, that having you all in proper categories would be too much for my puny brain!

So check out if I have a link to you and if you are in the right place. If not, leave a comment or email me, and I will add you or change you. FYI, a number of blogs have been moved to my "old outdated blogs" section because you haven't updated for a dog's age, but I still keep your feed, even though you can't see it right now and if you ever update or come back, I'll put you in the current area.

I think that may be the saddest part of this exercise, counting all the old friends who just haven't updated, or who shut down their blogs completely. Manuela at Thin Pink Line and 'Nilla, who are only on Facebook now, Meg at the Paragraph who I miss every single day, Thrice who I hope will come back, JJ who I hope will have good news, Casey my old bud....honestly, I really miss you all, even I know you had good reasons for no longer blogging. Sigh....

Onward and upward though, can't think about that now, too sad. Need happy.

So go visit Angry Aliens - where the movies redone in 30 second with bunnies troupe lives! Cartoon bunnies galore! Hot Bun on bun action!

I am also ramping up my annual holiday obsession of acquiring any and all DVDs and tapes of Rankin Bass animated specials, toys, and what have you. (I own some, but not ALL. Must acquire ALL.) Rudolph and all his animagic friends make me so happy, I can barely think. There is supposed to be a new animated special this year all about the Heat Miser and Snow Miser, and it sort of looks like the right artwork, but I can't tell from the tiny screen?

Future post---more about the helmet and boys and my now calmer hormones, etc. etc., not to mention my glee and hilarity about the current government crisis here in Canada. Harper seems to be unable to count seats or remember the rules of a parliamentary govt. Heh.

Yawn, off to dreamland toots, baby will be up soon to eat.


  1. JJ does have good news, she's almost 11 weeks along.

  2. I didn't make it??


  3. JJ, I'm so so happy for you!!!!

    Awesome news, my dear, email me and let me know what's up as time goes on. Or are you on Facebook?

    So sorry, I had your blog marked private, but it's all fixed now. Smooch, hon!

  4. I was just at the gym on the treadmill and caught the hon Ignatieff on the news but didn't get the gist of the whole thing. Actually I think I did if it was meant to be hilarious!

  5. Aw, thanks for the link! I'm always flattered when someone likes my work enough to link to me.

  6. How do you find time to do anything in a day other than read through all those blogs!? Whew!

  7. i'm loving the soap opera that is unraveling with our silly politicians. stupid harper.

    btw, i was so excited to find myself on your blogroll. :)

  8. The Canadian political situation is fascinating!

    Hi, by the way. Yes, there are some people I miss every day too. Sigh.

  9. Hey you!

    I'm still around -- I am on Facebook quite a bit, it's true. ;)

    I see Manuela is having a rockin' good time in Tahiti, the lucky bum! ;)

    Btw, I am going to be starting a new blog again soon, I think. It has been almost a full year to the exact date that I quit blogging. So, it's probably time.....

    Talk to you soon!

  10. Thanks for listing me! Yes, the buzz word around town is "Coalition" bahhh! A dysfunctional parliament indeed.

  11. I cleaned out my Bloglines too and manually moved things over to Google Reader and fixed my blog with the blogroll. I also noticed how many people had shut down their blogs when I was cleaning things out. Some did it because they achieved their goal of a child and were too busy to bother with the likes of us, but others didn't have the happy endings. I hope we all get our happy endings.

  12. ....thanx for the angry aliens!...the politics lately are freaking me out.....

  13. Thanks for link! I know I don't comment much but I do read your posts religiously (in that non-religious way).