Friday, February 27, 2009

Not sure what the hell?

Did you ever have someone get furiously angry at you, out of nowhere, with absolutely no explanation?

And no matter what you said, or how many external other factors are involved, they just blame you and yell and freak out?

Yeah, my Friday in a nutshell.

I thought we were having a good week in this house what with the vacation being booked and all, but between my husband and each one of my kids getting upset this week----and my head injury---I'm hoping March will be better than friggin' February!

My mood has to get better. And everyone else's. Sun and fun and vacation will help.



  1. Is Mercury in retrograde... perhaps?

    This too shall pass. Stay focused on the fun ahead!

  2. Sounds like the vacation is coming just in time. Just catching up on the mayhem. Hope you get the conference thing sorted, breastfeeding and all. Surely by July little J will be predictable enough to work around?


  3. Sun and fun and vacation will absolutely help. Even in the worst of times, sun and fun and vacation helps.