Sunday, March 01, 2009

Slightly Better--Almost

I think you are all right. February sucks and we need this damn vacation more than anyone we know needs a vacation. I am grumpy, Mr.Cotta is grumpy, the kids are touchy, our relatives and friends are all touchy and pissed off. I know it's the economy too, but the february blahs, plus a bad economy really makes it a special kind of suckage.

We are attempting better moods. Sort of.

So feckin tired of wrestling with older kids emotionally and babies having such fear of strangers that they stick like glue. I love holding Julius, but five minutes to pee and change my clothes would be nice as well. (I have now mastered the internet, blackberries, and eating while holding ol' cling wrap baby, just not the toilet.)

And no he won't go to the nanny either. He used to love her to pieces, but now he freaks and only wants me. Which just goes to show that babies still know their moms and attach to them even if they have a nanny right from early on! Heh

I was joking with her though that her day will come soon. I figure in a couple of weeks he'll hate me and love her, and no I won't be upset, it's just a normal phase. But damn I'm already thinking about all the things I'm going to get done!!

Speaking of which, we have very little time before we leave for vacation, and there are too many things to do!!!!!

Any assvice for me about travelling with babies in a post 9/11 world? Any product ideas? He has his own seat, but we haven't done anything else.

Any thoughts?


  1. I just wanted to say that February is a shit month. Crappy weather. Nothing to look forward to. Summer is still too far away. The whole thing just bites.

    Totally jealous that you get to go on vacation.

  2. Ultra lightweight stroller you can take right to the gate is my only travel essential. Jealous of you getting away to the warm.

  3. What is this mythical vacation thing you speak of? If you do manage to attain that state of purported nirvana, would you come back and tell us mere mortals all about it? Pretty please?

  4. i'm so glad that it's finally march! february was a tough month.

    i'm blaming the crappy mood i've been in on seasonal affective disorder, not just being a bitch. hah!

    i envy your vacation. we're going to montreal where it'll probably be colder than it is here. argh.

  5. i would eat cat litter to go to the Mayan Riviera right now. seriously. of course, i think that's because my cat just stank up the place and so the jujubes i AM eating sorta have a lingering eau de litter. lovely.

    on topic, we travelled with O when he was a year and he quite enjoyed playing with the little wine bottles (plastic, empty, great photo ops) and putting balls of paper napkin into the little water glasses. other than that, bring lots of wipes. no other advice. have a fabulous time.

  6. Something to look forwards to is always a little mood altering.

  7. Airlines seemed very friendly (and even helpful) about the whole carseat/stroller thing when I was in the US last summer... Not sure I'd worry about the weight, but rather think of a stroller he can sleep in if necessary.

  8. oh man, the little trip I have scheduled over Spring Break seems SOOOOOOOOOOO far away (11 days, a virtual eternity!)

  9. I know you didn't ask about the bathroom, but just in case this would work for you, here goes.

    Fitz-Hume always wakes up clingy and fragile in the morning (yes, still), so I just keep a Bumbo chair in the bathroom. I sit on the toilet, she sits in her chair, and she giggles while I pee. She finds it hilarious.

    Why? I have no idea.

  10. The separation anxiety hit us in an instant. One moment Sacha was fine with everyone (we worried that stranger-danger was going to be a problem!) and the next he was all mommy. It still bpoggles my mond how it happened!

    We were just in Mexico... We brought our regular stroller and were able to bring it up to the gate. It's a good heavy-duty one (good for the beach and uneven streets) and good for napping in.

    As Rachel Said, the airlines were great. No problems whatsoever with baby food that I brought in my carry-on. (Which I figure would be the only post 9/11 issue...)

    Any questions, you can email me.

  11. Airlines have been cool with baby stuff. We did buy itti bitti tubes of nappy cream so as not to push it, but baby food no prob, any cooled, boiled water/formula you care to bring is no prob. Put all tubes/jars/bottles etc in a clear plastic ziplock bag somewhere accessible in the hand luggage so they can inspect it separately if they feel like it.