Tuesday, April 14, 2009

FML all the time

I can't write a proper post to explain all of it, because my brain is so fucked up, but basically you need to know that I have just had a week from hell. And yes, I know it could be worse, but that really isn't helpful when life sucks and you are in a pit, ok?

Comments are not working properly still. Some people can comment, some can't....don't know why, I've tweaked and checked, and bleh...Blogger is sucking big time. Email me and I'll post your comment if you can't.

So on Twitter I mentioned that I went to the ER Sunday morning. The very tippy baby fell into the computer desk and slashed his head open and we missed Mass and he got a 2 cm cut that had to be glued together and will scar for his whole life. And all because I can't get him antibiotics for his ear infection, his red, bulging, fluid filled ears that magically look just a bit better as soon as a Doctor's office is in sight. These days it would be easier to get crack than antibiotics y'know....cause head injuries are no big whoop but don't you dare treat an infection! If any of you in the Toronto area know where to find these mythical Doctors who give out antibiotics like Pez, drop me a line. I'm desperate and do anything at this point.

Three days before that my husband and his family blew up in a crazy way that I can't detail here but OMG, did you ever wish you could force seven very nice but dysfunctional people into family therapy? Basically, there is this huge family secret that everyone knows but no one talks about, mostly cause it's old news and no big whoop. And the person the secret involves thought no one knew at all and has a heart attack thinking about the subject. Well, this weekend someone dared to bring it up, and anxiety attacks were held by all.

But nobody can talk about it because it's a big secret, so really denial is in charge again, and NOTHING IS GOING ON. Got that? Now pass the ativan sweetie.

Next, on Saturday Mac broke the rules and got into my curio cabinet and gave Julius one of my antique toys, a wooden babushka doll, and the nanny kept letting him play with it because she didn't know what it was, and they left it on the floor---and it got stepped on and crushed into too many pieces to fix. It was over 50 years old, I had it since I was 5 when a neighbour gave it to me. It was handmade in Russia and now it is garbage. *weeps*

Then Sunday, after we got back from the ER, I spent hours trying to get the house in shape and cleaned up and then my husband picked up the order from the caterer and there was not enough food, or so it looked, so he went back and got more, and spent loads of money---but we didn't need the extra food after all because everyone was too busy arguing to eat.

We did need at least one person to STFU and not tell me that it was all our fault that Julius fell and whacked his head because we are "forcing" him to walk to early, which as you know will result him being stupid. Supposedly, the longer they crawl, the smarter they are. Gee, so happy that I was told that....and here I thought it was critical to berate him mercilessly until he walked. Cause you know, that's what I do with my kids, right?

And then today, my nanny tried to "help", and took the tablecloth out of the drycleaning bag and washed and dried my new linen one in the washing machine after hand scrubbing it. The red wine stain is now permanent and it has shrank considerably. Sigh....I get that she doesn't know about a lot of modern appliances and things, but I have now explained dry cleaning like a dozen damn times and she still thinks it's just a rich Canadian thing and she could do it better if Iet her. My head almost exploded; shit....that was an expensive disaster. On that previous post, btw, I want to make something clear. My nanny gets paid well, and yes, I do expect laundry and cleaning to be done during naptimes. Julius sleeps 3 hours a day. After she takes a lunch break, it's not okay with me for her to sit and watch TV while I pay her, and I was crystal clear about what I expected when I hired her. So yes, she does lots of things that are unconventional, like taking in the recycling bins and helping me garden. (We tag team, I work on flower beds while she holds the baby and she rakes leaves, etc. while I breastfeed or get him to nap.) And so what? In exchange, I have taught her about subways and vacuums and microwaves and baby car seats and what city snowplow/melters are (she thought they were tanks!) and all about cable TV/stereos and computer programs and how to handmake baby food and roast a chicken and how to call her local politician and what to order at Starbucks and Tim Hortons and lots of things she needs to know to be a real Canadian. I'm trying to get her to go to driving lessons, and she goes to ESL class now.

Now if she could just ask before helping.....or if I could just have a week that didn't suck donkey balls.

Thank God there are no more holidays coming up, I'm not sure how much more joy and family togetherness I could take.


  1. Look at me, 1st commentator! (better not brag about it 'till this posts successfully, huh?)
    But I just wanted to express my sympathy for your crappy weekend/first part of the week... Mine hasn't been much better - need to blog about it but I'd rather surf & vicariously enjoy OTHER's misery ;-)
    Hang in there!

  2. Damn, that's a bad week!

    We had no problem getting antibiotics for Kali when she had an ear infection - we see Dr. F at our family practice, and she didn't bat an eyelash. I don't feel that she's a drug pusher, but she doesn't hesitate when it's necessary.

    Your nanny lives out, correct? If so, I'm totally in agreement with you that watching TV while the baby naps is not cool.

  3. OMG, my comment worked! First time in months! YAHOO!!!

  4. and here I thought my life was f*ed....

    trade ya...just for a day or 2...I bet you'd get my life straightened out fast though huh :)

  5. Oiy, I'm so sorry about Julius's head. :( I don't understand the walk/crawl thing. People made a deal here about BabyMan walking "late" because he didn't officially start wandering all over by himself until 13 months. He walked holding furniture for the 4 months previous to that. Our pediatrician said multiple times that had more to do with his disproportionately big head than anything else and not to worry about it. And yet others won't shut up. Such is life. :0 You're an awesome mom and already have 2 fabulous older kids to prove that. Despite the matrioshka disaster. I'm sorry about that. Here's hoping you get some rest soon. And you know, Julius's head may not scar. He's so young. But even if it does, well, he'll have hair. Take care. (and wow, if this actually posts I'm going to jump up and down!)

  6. Forcing a kid to walk early makes them stupid? Really? WTF?

    I am glad you survived the inlaw invasion.

  7. sounds like you could use a vacation all to yourself..

  8. If a child walks sooner and thereby is supposed to be smarter, why do they keep trying to stand up and walk UNDER tables and knocking themselves silly? Aren't they suppose to be smarter than that?

    I would be crushed about the items your nanny has ruined. She must have crawled for, like, forever.

  9. i am actually glad that i got to avoid any familial contact this past easter weekend because i was recovering from my lap. i never thought that i would be so happy to have surgery in order to stay away from the crazy.

    you need a day at the spa. or perhaps a week.

    p.s. forcing the kid to walk? are you kidding me????

  10. ugh! Sorry about your week

  11. I keep hearing that "experts" say late walking is best...except I worked with some of the big names in infant psychology research during graduate school and none of them seem to be aware of any real evidence. Since I've gotten interested in babies I'm surprised that there is this whole realm of "experts" that don't really do research. I hate Oprah. I really do.

    Really, what are you going to do? Push the kid over when he pulls himself up? Idiots.

  12. Walking early/not walking early = anything to do with IQ is the dumbest thing I have ever heard of. Sounds like some quack decided that based on his/her child being far superior to others....

    Hang in there hun. Holidays are over for a while!

  13. You need another holiday!! One just for you!(((hugs)))

  14. I want to get you another babushka.

  15. There's just nothing worse than unhelpful helping.
    I would go completely apeshit if someone ruined my favorite linen tablecloth. Nanny needs to know that it is SO worth $10 to have it professionally laundered and pressed! We don't have a car but we have crisp linens, by God.
    Oh, sorry about the other stuff, too.
    I know things could be worse – but having lost a baby doesn't make me any less likely to gripe about my live baby's sleep regression, simultaneous infestations by ants and nesting birds and trying to quit smoking.
    Hang in there.

  16. Fuck, seriously, I thought I had problems at the moment, so sorry my love! How is the little guy now, bless his little cottons, give him a kiss from me.


  17. Fuck, seriously, I thought I had problems at the moment, so sorry my love! How is the little guy now, bless his little cottons, give him a kiss from me.