Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Good and bad

Will update more soon, but she agreed to renew my prescription for 90 days. And as long as I have no more health problems, then I get to keep it.

You might think that's great, and I AM very relieved but right now I have to say that I feel like there is a giant axe poised to drop on my head, and ruin everything if I make one wrong step. If I say anything, do anything, I lose my last chance at a successful life.

So how do I deal with a Doctor who I can never really trust? Dunno but willing to accept all and any assvice here.


  1. I don't know the full story, but wish you luck. You should never be with a doctor if you don't trust him. Aren't there ways to get second opinions on the medications, etc?

  2. http://nomatterhowsmall.blogspot.com/2009/05/got-any-bootstraps.html

    This is the original post that describes it. And eventually I can get another doctor who will be my GP, but the reality is that for anyone with ADHD getting a prescription filled and maintained for their medication is almost impossible.

    It is the easiest mental illness to treat, but the one illness no will ever let you trat.

  3. Maybe you could ask your cardiologist and psychiatrist to recommend a GP, who will be willing to work with them. I don't know how you can rely on a doctor who is stubbornly unwilling to listen to you when you outline your best interests. Much luck to you. I hope you will be problem free for the next 90 days and beyond.

  4. ugh! I hope you find a longer term solution.

  5. So no butting your head against the wall in frustration, or else!

    Glad there was some progress.

  6. i would invest your time into securing a new GP that's just for you. It's the same as searching for a therapist, you meet and greet and ask a few questions and try to get a sense of what theyre about. No sense in just going to a doctor if they arent open to treating you with what you know works. It may be a lengthy process but isnt that better than begging and worrying. I think so. i have absolutely no use for doctors or pharamceuticals beyond antibiotics or a common ailment. if i hear of a good name or dr i will be sure to pass it on.

  7. No advice, just glad that she's agreed to this. It's a start. Hopefully she will see how much this helps you and improves your quality of life and renews the rx after 90 days.

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  9. Anon, I have no idea who you are or what you are talking about. Julie had a joke post, I made a funny comment on it. Wasn't referring to you or anyone in particular at all? Although considering my history of miscarriage, my uterus is definitely a weapon of some sort....

    As far as the Nic/TSA story? The only video I saw was heavily edited, and even if it wasn't, I would never believe a word the TSA, or the US government says on any security situation. About confessions? Feel free to talk to the Innocence project. Innocent people confess all the time for lots of reasons. Sometimes, just to get other people off their backs.


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    It's called democracy, and it rocks.

    If it gets me the label "Silly", so what! I will gladly stand against a terrorist government that does not respect the rule of law, and I will gladly stand up for the right of anyone, even people I don't know, to criticize that government.

  10. Unbelievable that you've had to fight tooth and nail for the right to get a prescription that helps your so much. It's plain to see that living each day knowing that you could be denied on the whim of this doctor is having a negative impact on your well-being. Getting eaten up inside by such uncertainty is understandable and unfortunate. I know this very well and hope there's a swift end to the ordeal.

  11. That is scary! I hope you get a better solution.

  12. It's sometimes so important to have a good doctor who will take care of you. Being a busy person I had to invite a doctor to my place. She even brought the machine to measure my head pulse. Such a kind person she is.
    With faith in Jesus,