Saturday, September 30, 2006

Something lighter (2)

Thank you Tertia for brightening up my day with this!

Uncylopedia is a wiki spoof and this entry about Canada and the one about politics are hysterical.

Okay maybe the Americans won't get some of the humor, since Canadians define themselves by how different they are than Americans, but sometimes, we all need a good laugh, right?

Espcially since this weekend it's time to go blah blah at all the delegate election meetings for the Liberal Party Leadership races. I'm hoping to get elected to go but who knows, right? Problem is that there are so many variables involved, it really is as complicated as string theory.

Friday, September 29, 2006

Just another day without estrogen...

That endocrinologist still hasn't called with my test results, and I can't believe she wouldn't have them, I mean her office is attached to the hospital for pete's sake.

And until I talk to her, I can't take any of the drugs or vitamins I normally do, like estrogen or progesterone, or my Claritin. Because she may need to redo some tests and different drugs can interfere with thyroid tests.

Which means that right now, I'm a snotty, saggy ol' withered crone with bones like swiss cheese, no energy to accomplish crap and a raging estrogen deprived brain.

Picture Froglady.

Okay, not really, but it FEELS that way! I even got my hair colored yesterday and spent 2 hours being worshipped by my fabulous Yorkville hairdresser, and I still don't feel pretty.

And weirdly I've now run into several other women who are menopausal and hotflashy, (they are in regular menopause, I'm in premature so it's a bit different). And none of them are on Estrogen, and they looked awful. One is not speaking to her DH, and maybe on the verge of divorce, and the one of the others is my 6yo's teacher.

And lordy this teacher is not the same woman. If she keeps it up I can see her getting fired for sure. This is the thing about the Women's Health Initiative. The study was lousy, terribly done, and yet every doctor on earth is hanging their hat on it.

Dr. Jennifer Blake gave a lecture at U of T about it. I was so amazed afterwards that I went to the site. For example, the group of women who were studied were almost all over the age of 60. Yes, they studied a large group of women, but less than 800 were between the ages of 50 and 60. That's not enough for any decent epidemiological study, anywhere. So any recommendations for women under the age of 60 are irrelevant, and since no women under the age of 50 were studied, it's malpractice to even use it as a basis for a recommendation, IMHO.

Plus, the original study was supposed to look at heart disease, so all the participants were recruited to look for heart disease. They either had a family history of heart disease, smoked or had smoked in the past, or had high cholesterol, obesity, etc. This means that the group was not representative of the population in general, and the findings cannot be applied to the whole group. Yes, many people have these risk factors, etc. etc. , but not the majority of the population don't. And jamming your study full of these people makes it damn hard to control for these factors when the math starts.

A good example is the clotting & DVT part of the study. All the people with blood clots on HRT were tested for genetic clotting factors. Big surprise, lots had them. Which means that people with a very rare genetic blood clotting factors shouldn't take estrogen. Not ALL WOMEN. In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if the women who had rare genetic clotting factors and didn't take estrogen, eventually got blood clots anyway. But we'll never know, because they ended the study early, never tested the rest for narrowing of the arteries, or fibrin factors and only tested a small group of people (167 - bc, 570 - control group) for blood clot factors. They certainly didn't test everyone for them. And maybe they should've...

Yes, the WHI said in very small print that other factors are bad too. But the media didn't report that.

And now I know 45 year old women who are listening to their overworked family docs and not taking estrogen because it is evil.

And they're getting fired, and their marriages are breaking up, and frankly I'm not sure the WHI is improving the quality of their life very much.

I'm going to go youtube for awhile. Maybe I'll be less cranky. I hope. But I think I really need a bath in a large tub of Estrogen.

Thursday, September 28, 2006

The Mommy Wars

Choices are wonderful, but they are dependant on informed choice, and if any of you have ever seen the movie, The Corporation, you will know that the sole goal of corporations is to survive and make a profit. They are utterly amoral and if telling the truth gets in the way of making a profit, we heck let's all lie...

So I had a chat with Manuela last night, the fabulous Shoe Goddess, and she made a great point, that we woman really are hard on ourselves.

And I'm thinking that in the Mommy Wars, we have been targetting the wrong people, each other.

Take for example, the fights about choices of daycare vs. SAHM, bfing vs. formula? A lot of that is because of lousy media reporting of "studies." Many of these "studies" are completely bogus, proving either nothing at all, or whatever the funders want it to say.

And in the end they blame women for their choices instead of providing us with really good studies that have evidence based stats behind them, so we can make informed choices. For example, Jack Newman's book has a great analysis of what is in formula. Everyone knows that breastmilk has some toxins in it, because the media tells us so, but no one ever lists the toxins in formula. Breastmilk has less than 10ppm silicone in it, breasts with implants make milk with 35 ppm silicone, but formula has over 300 ppm silicone. (This also applies to other toxins, not just silicone.)

Bad quality formula is totally unnecessary. Formula manufacturers could make it safer. But they choose not too, because they love profit more than human beings. Instead of suing the companies, we continue to fight each other, to blame each other instead of blaming the companies that make products more dangerous.

Think about it, defective cars are the subject of lawsuits all the time. When was the last time you saw a lawsuit about defective formula? Nooo, we just stand around blaming the "evil mother" who "chose" to use formula. Her choice was based on the belief that Health Canada and her doctors and her society would help her protect her baby.

And instead they blame her. And we all chime in. *Sigh*

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Plus ca change, plus ca meme chose...

(Apologies for the lack of accents. I couldn't figure out how to stick them in the title.)

For the non-french speaking, this means, "the more things change the more they stay the same."

I am still waiting for the $%^# endocrinolgist to look at my test results, dial my phone number and tell me what I already know, that my thyroid is hyper and has a funny shaped thing on it. and what happens next. But hey, why not leave me in suspense, right?

So far, I have not waited in any line ups, or had to wait for any tests. I hear these stories in the media, but I literally do not know any adults who have had to wait for anything, MRIs, hip surgeries, referrals to specialists, etc. etc. Okay I know some kids who have had to wait for stuff, but that's not money, it's lack of Doctors.

But now I have to wait for news. I am so not good at this.

I had an appointment with my therapist today again, which was nice. She's a lovely woman, and a fabulous therapist. Calmed me right down, considering the stress I've been under.

Nothing like a Troll to make your life worse, right? I'm so tired and sick right now, I'm not going to get into this, except to say that portions of my blog have been removed for awhile and they will stay removed until certain people get the message.

And if they don't, well then I will have to take further action.

For any of my regular readers, thanks for understanding. And stay tuned for more interesting health news.

Oops almost forgot, I wanted to say that I'm very proud of Adrienne Clarkson, our former Governor-General, who has "come out" and told the story of her high risk pregnancy and the child she lost shortly after birth in her new book, and on the front cover of Macleans magazine. she talks about her personal feelings and the political implications of the experience. And she talks about the one lone woman who said something cruel, as well as the many who were kind and decent. Very powerful.

I never knew much about her personally before this, but thanks Mme. Clarkson, from the sisterhood.

Everyone who tells their truth, personal and political, deserves a bouquet, and not a brickbat.

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Anyone want to join in?

Feminism is pretty simple at it's core. Basically women get to define how they want to get there, but in the end, women want their own recognition and rights, and to get some respect, legally financially and morally.

Lots of people confuse the cause with the individuals who "represent" it.
For example, in a previous post, I slammed one prominent woman who says she is a feminist but was not supportive of bereaved mothers. A few of my readers have taken this to mean that all feminism is bad and we should throw the baby out with the bathwater.

Ummm, noooo.

In fact, the point of the post was to say that some feminists should be sensitive to the feelings of bereaved moms and that not all feminists (like me) agree with her individual position.

Right now the single leading cause of death and injury for pregnant women is assault. Not preeclampsia, not later in life motherhood, but fists and kicks from male partners. And pregnant women are especially vulnerable because of their physical state. TV shows are fake. In real life pregnant women could no more defend themselves against a guy with a gun or a knife than fly to the moon.

And I have to believe that there is a legal solution to this. Something that enables the justice system to come to the defence of a victim of a crime and show them respect & justice without harming another persons right to control their own body. I have to believe that we are creative and smart enough to think up a way to do it.

But various anti-choice groups have seized on my request for debate as a condemnation of the Status of Women department in Canada, even though I've never even spoken to anyone there.

And yesterday their budget got slashed, so Jeff, and various other bloggers are going to do a reply to the hateful rant of one woman who is convinced that feminism has done nothing for her.
On a day to be determined we're all going to post 5 good things that feminism has done for us. If anyone wants to join in, I'll be happy to link to you, and read you. Email me for the date. If you don't have a blog, email me and we'll post it for you, on my blog or on his.

Gotta go work on a campaign now, and exercise my feminist earned right to vote...

Monday, September 25, 2006

So how do you put it away?

So, after the weekend's blogging & plagiarism distractions, I've decided to get back to the original post I was going to write.

And of course, Catherine has provided the perfect post for me to take off on. You see, my whole weekend was spent buying, and constructing Ikea furniture for my 10 yo. We rented a truck and bought a great loft bed set for him, with a desk underneath and a new lamp and a nice chair.

He is becoming officially a young man. Which I love and hate at the same time....

Next renting the truck turns into a big thing because my DH decides that as long as he has the truck, he should rent a storage space for the 40 bankers boxes of law junk he has sitting in out front hallway. Now, as a Flylady devotee, I believe in throwing things away. He hasn't opened any of these boxes in the 9 months since he moved them home.

Not once. Ever.

And all his legal files he must keep for the Law Society are in storage with his old firm, so really, I know that all these files are useless junk. At minimum, he could scan the bits he needs and keep it all on one tiny DVD so why pay for a storage space? With the price of real estate in Toronto, it really is expensive to keep stuff in your house if you don't need it, but storage isn't cheap either.

And then I realize what's really going on. Because he has gotten a larger space and left me the key. And he wants me to "look through the basement and put anything in there we don't need right now."

In other words, all the baby stuff. The baby stuff I've never been able to give away, mmm because well, really we might need it again right? Maybe, please God, I hope?

I did manage to pack it all away and put it downstairs so that I didn't have to look at it everyday. My big plan was that if I ever gave up on the baby thing, I would donate it all to a woman's shelter. No garage sales, because that is a total waste of time in my opinion. I've only met one person who ever made more than $50 on a yard sale, and they spent hours doing it. I think they made $2 an hour when they were done.

But this requires giving up on having another baby, and I can't do that, not yet.

So I'm stuck with a basement full of thousands of dollars worth of clothes and furniture and toys. (Yeah, it really adds up after 2 kids...) And a husband who is gently trying to tell me to get rid of it, without saying it directly to my face.

After my last pregnancy (which I've not yet written about because it is simply too painful), my DH tried to tell me that we should get rid of some stuff because after all, we would want to buy some new stuff anyway. After 10 years, safety standards change, fashions change, and really shopping is fun, right?

But unless I've literally got a new baby in my arms, I don't think I can bear to do it.

And so I'm stuck, unless I bend on the storage place idea.


Sunday, September 24, 2006

The Internet is full of crap already, go home

I am not an anti-abortion advocate.

And I don't appreciate when those people come to my blog and copy MY intellectual property and attempt to hijack it for their cause.

Go away anti-abortion advocates, and don't come back. You are not welcome to read my blog, to copy my words or to steal my ideas.

It is not my fault you can't write your own posts. Complain to your 6th grade teacher, but don't steal from others.

Oh, and for those who think that it's okay because it's for a "good cause," and it's fair dealing, ummm, not so much. When news sources write reviews or interview people, they do not reprint things without permission, they discuss the ideas in the reviewed article in their own words, not in someone else's, and not inaccurately. They certainly do not cut and paste hundreds of words.

I know some of you are very "into" God's law. Well, scroll down to the middle of this, and you will see Pope John Paul II's quite clear instruction that plagiarism, and stealing other people's intellectual property is a sin. It is also a sin to twist other people's words to suit your own purposes.

It is also a sin to ignore the law of the land. If you do wish to follow that law, maybe you should learn it before you run around quoting it. Because my next steps will involve lawyers, and your ISP host.

Saturday, September 23, 2006

Never post drunk

So in only twenty minutes, Baggage has brought me to tears, and 12 other blogs have made me think about a zillion other things.

I'm a mess, and I'm just a little more than tipsy. I had a whole 2 glasses of wine.

Yep, after 10 years of pregnancy, breastfeeding, and continuous fertility treatment I have redefined cheap drunk.

Wet Feet was right, never post drunk, I'm probably going to post soemthing sutpid xxnet..

I have to go resucr my HD from IKEA hell now.

Friday, September 22, 2006

Setting the world on fire, bit by bit

I finished all the tests, and I'm not glowing, yayyy!

So the good news is that it's not all in my head, and I'm not crazy, something is actually going on.

The bad news is that something is really going on.

I haven't spoken to the real Doc, so I don't have anything definitive, but the nuclear medicine lab guy cheated and told me that I'm definitely showing as hyperthyroid.

This is good news because for the last 2 years or so I can blame every bitchy thing I've ever done on my hyperthyroid personality. The bad news is that every bitchy thing I did before that in my life can only be blamed on me, hehe.

On the RAIU test with Iodine 123, my uptake at 2 hours was 15.5%, and my uptake at 24 hours was 38.6%, using their machines is hyperthyroid. (Apparently all machines are different, and they have to calculate things based on weight, meds, etc. so I don't know if this applies to anyone else...) But the weird thing was my scan which instead of showing a lovely nice butterfly shape, all evenlyish colored, had the most screwed up shape and colors. The bit in the middle wasn't faded at all, like its supposed to be, and one wing was pointed so far up I'm wondering if my thyroid is tickling my ear. Some bits were bright white and others were light grey, almost dark. This does not look like the "normal thyroid" photos on the web.

The assistant didn't say it was sick-looking, but he didn't say it was normal either. Y'know when they try to tap dance around, and you know they weren't supposed to show you anything, but really they end up telegraphing everything?

And get this, because I needed to have ended taking the beta blockers my gp prescribed earlier than I did, my TSH, T3, and T4 blood tests done the day before were normal, yet the more advanced tests showed a problem.

So, I no longer trust TSH values, that's for sure.

I keep thinking that this is it, my baby dreams might be over. If I really have a screwed up thyroid, they might tell me I need to use radioactive ablation, and I might not be able to try again for a really really long time, maybe a year.

Which will make me 39, and my two boys, 11 & 7. Talk about risks for me and age differences if I did get pregnant. I'm glad I might feel better soon, but why couldn't it be a faster cure?

If any lurkers out there see this and have any ideas or nice thoughts, I could really use a comment or two.

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Nuclear Chic, Pt.2

So pacing nervously hasn't helped. Nor has freaking out, or yelling at my kid's teacher, or watching too much TV.

And screensucking as much web paranoia as I can certainly hasn't done much for calming me down.

My test is at 1:15 today. I'm waiting for a sign that I shouldn't go. Like maybe a tree falling on my head...

Of course, then I'd just have to go to the hospital anyway, and they'd still make me get the ominously named, "Nuclear Medicine Iodine 123 Thyroid Uptake & Scan."

And it's not just one day, it's two. I have to go back tomorrow, for a followup. Plus the stupid hospital didn't tell me about not eating before the test. So, I've eaten breakfast, then stopped worrying because another site has told me it's okay as long as you stop eating 2 hours prior.

And best of all, I get to pee in a bucket. Apparently the radiation clears your body in only 24 hours, but mainly by urinating. Some hospitals say you only have to flush twice, and wash your hands thoroughly. Others say it is better to urinate, etc. in a container then return the container to the hospital for biohazardous waste disposal.

I am unhappy with even the remote possibility of irradiating my house & kids. So I'm thinking about using the bucket option, then pouring the collected wisdom of my thyroid on various lawns of politicians I despise.

There are so many. I am not sure if I can create enough "collective wisdom" to spread the wealth. Inevitably some twit will call this terrorism. I will call it political protest. It is their fault after all, since I'm sure not one of them has even thought about all the people in this city having these tests and then walking around emitting radiation down the sewage pipes of Ontario.

I have to go buy lead lined panties now.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Updating ye old subtitle

Cause the old one was wishy washy...and the new one is by Margaret Mead. Who wasn't the best researcher on earth---considering she faked a lot of it, oops.

But she gave great quote. She would have been a political powerhouse in today's world.

Hmmm...what does that say about my cynicism? Maybe I've refuted my own damn quote. Urghh.

Monday, September 18, 2006

Nuclear Chic

I'm so looking forward to being radioactive, even if it's only for a day!

Yep, my thyroid scan on Wednesday is going to make me nuclear chic for at least 24 hours...meaning that I'm going to get to be glowing like a star for the day!!!

And depending on the test, I may get to stay in a hotel for the night, and pee in a bucket, since I won't be allowed to contaminate my own house....this also means I get to be child free for 24 hours.

Just enough to get a good nights sleep, not enough to miss them.

These are the moments of my life when I wish I had tried drugs earlier in life, maybe I could start now?

Because sarcastic or not, I'm actually getting a little scared... really....

The Seven Dwarves of Thyroid

Nervous (racing thoughts, unfocused, tired)

Bitchy (cause I feel horrible)

Sweaty (leaving my with acne, and BO)

Starving (like I could chew my own arm off AFTER eating a large bag of candy)

Racing (pulse from fast heartbeat)

Pounding (head from high BP)

Waking (from insomnia)

Meet the evil dwarves who have taken over my life for the last year or so.

Today I finally saw an endocrinologist who may be able to help me with my overactive thyroid. Or not. Since my thyroid tests finally came back abnormal after multiple normal tests, I finally may get some help, but only if the stupid doctor can accept that emedicine may be smarter than she is.

And that's asking a lot in Canada.

One of the bizarre things about our doctor shortage, (caused by thievery from many other nations), is that every doctor in Canada is busy, and they all think that signals competence.

Of course, this is crap. In a world of many docs, the best would be busy, the others, not so much. It's called supply and demand, y'know. Basic economics...but unfortunately not a subject anyone studies in any medical school, either at the Ministry of Health or at HMOs in the US.

And it never takes into account egos! So my Doc today was very obstinate, and had never heard of any problem with taking various drugs and TSH assay tests, and the interference that can result. Okay, she had vaguely heard about people who take dopamine in the ICU having strange thyroid test results, but nothing else.

Which means she has never read any articles from any of the journals I have ever read. Or done a PubMed search, or been to a recent conference.

I can only pray that today's blood test will show her something she'll believe, and that on Wednesday my radiocative scan will show her something she'll have to treat. Apparently, I should just wait and see, because I guess the whole "risk of death" doesn't matter. Burning out my organs is irrelevant I guess. Or maybe, I'm just faking it all, right---because I have the psychic power to change lab results---

And also make my boobs grow 2 cup sizes...and also raise my own blood pressure...and run low grade fevers in my docs office while my estrogen & white count is normal...and make me dehydrated...and make all my different meds completely work opposite to everything they are supposed to.


For every other illness I've ever had, I've had to self-diagnose, and I'm always right eventually, like 10 specialists later. When I walk in with 10 journal articles under my arm, why can't they just accept that I might be right? My family doc wants me to go to med school, but first I need to get better, which may take a long time, at this rate.

I am no Snow Freakin' White, and the goddamn dwarves better leave my body or else. There is a limit after all people....

Friday, September 15, 2006

Something lighter for your watching pleasure

The last few days and posts have been just a little too serious. Of course, it's been kind of a serious time in Canada.
But now it's time to relax for the weekend. My DH and I are celebrating tonight after we get the cash from our bonus cheque. So hey, maybe life ain't so bad after all?

I thought some of my readers might appreciate this, or this or this.

And yeah, I just realized these are probably in the wrong order. HeHe

For something more PG rated, my 6 yo DS favorite videos include this or this.

Catherine, I can't post on your blog until you go Beta, but after the Wiggles, I'm sure the Bionicle video above is the next frontier!


Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Dawson College, terribly terribly sad

This is a terrible story. It completely freaks me out because I still remember the shooting at Concordia back when I was in University and the Montreal Massacre at L'Ecole Polytechnique. WTF is wrong with these crazy gunmen?

I just don't understand how this can happen in Canada. I mean, it's not just guns, although they make it easier for these nutjobs to inflict damage quickly. Marc Lepine in 89 used a knife after his gun ran out. And he didn't stop even then.

After Columbine, people ran around desperately trying to come up with a simple answer, like saying ADD meds caused it, except that lots of kids do this when they take nothing at all or thinging gun control would've fixed it. Well lots of kids use knives and bombs when they do these terrible things, and we have lots of gun control, and it happens here too.

I just remember reading Barbara Coloroso, in her book, "Parenting with Wit and Wisdom in times of Chaos and Loss," and in interviews, she talked about how the kids who used the guns had been troubled for a long, long time. (They were from her hometown, her very neighbourhood) She thought that many people could've helped these kids at different times and in different ways, but that no one really had. Somehow, they slipped through the cracks, and the result was tragedy.

I wonder if the gunmen who are hurting people today, right now, could've have been stopped if someone had reached out in an earlier part of their lives and done something. Maybe not big, maybe just a small kind thing and it would have made a difference. Whether it's a loner with a gun trying to get back at a bully, or a suicidal terrorist, they were all lonely sad kids at one point in the past.

Perhaps I am naive...

But the other day my guy looked over at me, and said that he believed that in a group of 100 people, there are 50 heroes. And to stand up and take action, all they needed was one person to show the way, to be the first.

So the next time I see a kid who is sad, who is troubled, I'm going to reach out and say something, anything. In my small way, I'm going to try to be that one person, cause I don't know what else to do to help, and maybe my little action will help prevent yet another Dawson College...

Thinking, thinking, thinking

I have many things buzzing in my head, like who are those lovely people who visted my blog yesterday after I finally put in the statcounter? And will there be more? Jeez, I wish I done this earlier!

My DH came home with good news the other day. His new business is finally paying off, and he had a nice big cheque. We also found out that there will be another big cheque at the end of the year. Now, don't get me wrong...we have to spend this cheque on paying off just one of our many racked up credit cards. I'm not going to be walking around in designer duds anytime soon, LOL. But I personally am feeling some relief, thank God!

The weird thing is that he isn't relieved. In fact, he seems more stressed than before. And I don't know why! Men are strange creatures...

Plus, all this talk in the blogosphere about adoption and IF has me very very torn. I have wanted to post about it a dozen times and haven't, mostly because it all seems too awful, like when your parents fight with each other, and you can't fix it, but you're stuck in between.

Like I don't get why people are so set on one mom and one dad per kid? Have they seen the playground lately? Almost every kid I know has multiple dads and moms through divorce and remarriage, and it's no big deal. Gay and lesbian kids have 2 moms or two dads, and sometimes donors and they turn out fine, in study after study.

So what's the big deal? If they love the child, why can't birth moms and dads and adoptive moms and dads know each other and have a part in the kid's life? (Yes, Big If, but even when foster kids are adopted, they may have blood family members somewhere who maybe kind and decent and can provide a link to the bio family.)

It just seems like some awful competition, and we, the adoptees, are the hard-won prize. Unfortunately it also assumes that we are inanimate objects who don't have an opinion.

Well, um sorry we do.

And just because you adopted us, or gave birth to us, or provided the donor egg/sperm to make us, doesn't make us your property. I don't care how much money or grief or hope was involved...

Like the whole forever family thing. I hate that phrase. What if I grow up and don't like you? What if I don't speak to you again? As an independent human being I have that choice, like it or not.

Like my adoptive mother. She assumed that because a judge said so, I was tied to her forever. (And boy did I hear that over and over again...) Yet, I haven't spoken to her or my adoptive father in years. They have never met my children or my husband, and at this point don't even know where I live. And I like it that way. They were really crappy parents. And no matter how many peanut butter sandwiches they made me, they never earned the title mom or dad because they never really loved me.

My birth mother, on the other hand, was so desperate for a relationship that she pushed me away in the end. She wanted to become my instant mom, but we couldn't recreate the years we missed. We could've been friends, but she kept pushing the whole extended family thing. Way, way too hard. And yes, I may still talk to her from time to time, but I really don't like feeling smothered and then becoming a big disappointment when I haven't lived up to her perfect vision of a daughter. I've haven't found my birth father yet, but maybe someday, or maybe not.

And so I've made my own family composed of friends, and my kids, and my DH's family, and many wonderful people I like.

So maybe the world is wrong, maybe we CAN pick our own family? It just may not look like the Cleavers, kay?

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Yes, I'm coming gentle

No, I'm not lesbian, except for my occasional desire for a wife who will help me take care of the kids and house! And maybe go shopping...

But I am a member of the Liberal Party of Canada.

There, I said it....and so far no lightening bolts...ha ha.

I've been a member for many years, I joined as a Young Liberal in University and have now campaigned for hundreds of candidates. But I hesitated to talk about it here, because every time I've tried to discuss my personal fertility issues with anyone political, they would freak out, back away, and generally act pathetically.

Even if they were currently the Minister or MP with a portfolio that concerned this issue!

This of course, makes me nuts, since I have never lobbied politicians to do things for some big corporate business interest, and I've always busted myself to help the party when it needed it.
So, when I've tried to get some attention for the cause of infertility, miscarriage, stillbirth, or just maternal-infant health, I've been mighty disappointed in the people who failed me.

Also, I've hesitated because the one venue the Liberals have at the moment to use as a blog circle, Liblogs , seems to be populated by large numbers of young, single men, who have no kids and no concept of the problems parents have. This does seem to be changing though, and damn that makes me happy! Yes, Virginia, there's more to life than beer....

Anyway, for those of you who don't know, the Liberal Party is running a leadership race, and I'm hoping to get elected as a delegate to the convention. A few of the candidates I definitely can't stand, and one I really like, but I'm not sure if I'll support him. And time is running out to choose. The trouble is, that with 10 of them, there really are too many to pick from at this point...and no I probably won't declare on this blog ever because I like my anonymity.

It's a valuable thing for a woman who has had to have a medical termination to save her own life. Many pro-lifers out there still believe in violence as retribution, and I can't risk the lives of the kids I've got, as I wrote before.

I've thought about this, and I've done up a survey to give out to various candidates on what things they would do to help us, and make our lives a little easier as mothers, mothers-to-be, and the aspiring, and adopting. By email, I've asked a few of you to give me some ideas, and you have, so I'll post it tomorrow, and you can let me know if anything is missing. Then we'll see what the candidates have to say in response. (And the candidate I like better come up with some good replies....or else I'll be very ticked!)

Why bother? Because I know some of the candidates personally, and many of them and their families have struggled with these issues. They don't like to admit it in public, but just as Tertia said, "Don't they owe something to the sisterhood?" (Or the brotherhood, as the case may be....)

Yeah, they do, and I'm tired of the BS on this one....