Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Anyone want to join in?

Feminism is pretty simple at it's core. Basically women get to define how they want to get there, but in the end, women want their own recognition and rights, and to get some respect, legally financially and morally.

Lots of people confuse the cause with the individuals who "represent" it.
For example, in a previous post, I slammed one prominent woman who says she is a feminist but was not supportive of bereaved mothers. A few of my readers have taken this to mean that all feminism is bad and we should throw the baby out with the bathwater.

Ummm, noooo.

In fact, the point of the post was to say that some feminists should be sensitive to the feelings of bereaved moms and that not all feminists (like me) agree with her individual position.

Right now the single leading cause of death and injury for pregnant women is assault. Not preeclampsia, not later in life motherhood, but fists and kicks from male partners. And pregnant women are especially vulnerable because of their physical state. TV shows are fake. In real life pregnant women could no more defend themselves against a guy with a gun or a knife than fly to the moon.

And I have to believe that there is a legal solution to this. Something that enables the justice system to come to the defence of a victim of a crime and show them respect & justice without harming another persons right to control their own body. I have to believe that we are creative and smart enough to think up a way to do it.

But various anti-choice groups have seized on my request for debate as a condemnation of the Status of Women department in Canada, even though I've never even spoken to anyone there.

And yesterday their budget got slashed, so Jeff, and various other bloggers are going to do a reply to the hateful rant of one woman who is convinced that feminism has done nothing for her.
On a day to be determined we're all going to post 5 good things that feminism has done for us. If anyone wants to join in, I'll be happy to link to you, and read you. Email me for the date. If you don't have a blog, email me and we'll post it for you, on my blog or on his.

Gotta go work on a campaign now, and exercise my feminist earned right to vote...


  1. 1.the vote.
    2.women allowed to study and practise medicine.
    3. it's not against the law to rape your wife.
    4.We keep our property when we marry.
    5.we have more career choice.

    Having said that we still have a very long way to go. We need to have childcare in schools and the workplace for free or heavily subsidized. Serious welfare reform is needed to support single and struggling mothers. More needs to be done to empower women with a higher self esteem. We need to listen to each other's voices and to support each other as sisters.