Monday, October 02, 2006

I'm doing the delegate dance!

Wee, hee I'm a delegate, I can't believe I actually got elected, holy freakin' mackerel.

And yes, I'm trying to clean up my language, k? So mackerel it is.

Yep, Liberal Party Convention in Quebec, here I come!

Doing the happy, happy delegate dance. And yes, I am THAT LAME. But that's okay because so are all the other Liberals, especially if you get us drunk. In fact, as lame as I am, I quite often look cooler than many of the other liberals in the room.

I was also addicted to the ticker over the weekend. Check it out, here. You may have to go to home then back, because so many of us are hitting refresh we have almost crashed the darn thing. Utterly addicting, seriously.

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