Friday, October 06, 2006

I'm just not getting it, maybe?

So, when someone sits on your blog for like 6.5 hours, you sort of wonder about them, right? Cause really don't they have better things to do? Especially because they don't seem to have simply fallen asleep, or wandered away, but are clicking and hanging out and stuff.

And then I think, well, I click back and forth on some blogs myself right? Because I can't get every blog on bloglines, due to my technical ineptitude. Plus, I like to comment and read peoples' archives, etc. But, actually I've never hit 6 hours, maybe 1 hour?

But the next one creeps me out, because ummm, what do you need to sit on a blog for 20 hours for? I mean, puh-lease, get real, it didn't take me 20 hours to write it for pete's sake!

And after 20 hours, no comment, no email to explain?

Either I'm putting people to sleep....or they have issues. So please get some help, whomever you are, really, you really really need it. And explain what happened. Did you sign in at an internet cafe and walk away? Or did you fall ill at home and leave your browser open?

Am I being wayy to kind and naive?


  1. They must just be contemplating your fine prose. Hang in there.

  2. Simple, I'm a reader and I get drawn into archives .... sadly I have spent over 6 hours reading blog archives more than once. Then again, I don't have kids. I don't think that I've done 20 hours at a stretch, but certainly 20 hours over the course of a couple of days (yes, very sad)