Friday, October 27, 2006

In defense of Madonna

I've seen too many critical posts about her. Someone has to step in, dammit!

I'm a mess about adoption usually, because mine was so bad, and because so many of them in the past were coerced. Baggage has convinced me that foster care adoption is a good thing, and now Madonna has me thinking about international adoption.

Why do we assume Madonna has to "sell" us on why she wants to adopt this child?I know many celebrities are very "out" like Brangelina, frankly to the point of exploitation of their kids, but Madonna has never done this. She's exposed herself everywhere, but NEVER the bio kids, so why would she treat this differently?

Would it be great if she did come "out"? Yes, but I would never "out" someone against their will. She has to choose, and we can't judge her for that, even if it hurts our own personal desire to educate the public.

Plus, I think Africa is a special case in the adoption world. We in the West have ignored Africa while AIDS has destroyed it. I've voted for politicans to send drugs and help for years and they have done almost nothing, a drop in the bucket.

The entire continent is now facing extinction. Even if we gave out billions of condoms and drugs for everyone, there are entire villages that are devoid of adults.

No teachers

No police

No social workers

No doctors

No nurses

No Mommies

No Daddies

Lord of the Flies, come to life, in Africa, sadly the probable reason the Lord's Resistance Army spread.

I can send money to any other place on earth and adults in those countries *may* adopt, or foster those kids, with enough time and support. But that will never ever happen in Africa, because there is no one left to raise the orphans, except elderly women and young girls.

I believe that my only ethical choices are to either move there (not medically possible for our family), or bring some of those kids to my country. Until my DH agrees to it, (and I'm working on him, seriously...), I'm going to defend anyone who is willing to step up and pitch in. I get that not everyone would suit adoption in Africa, and that really is okay, but how can the media go ape on her like this, when they do so little to help? Or is it because she refused to play their sick little media BS game and cry in public?

I'm still working on politicians every day to make maternal, infant, and fetal health major priorities, here in Canada, and in Africa especially, so I'm trying, but it's barely enough.

Africa is on fire, and she rushed into that burning continent to save at least one child. What the hell have any of us done? Sweet dick all...


  1. I don't mind that she adopted. But the fact that the residency requirements were seemingly waived in return for her $3 million Kabballah center donation...well...that smacks of coercion and baby-buying a little too much.

  2. Catherine, my understanding is that we don't know the sequence of events exactly. We know she has been giving money to Malawi for almost 2 years since Live 8, and has been trying to adopt with a homestudy going for months.
    So two questions, if she didn't give any money at all, would it be okay then, or would the media hate her still for giving money?
    And, Brad and Angelina were treated differently? Why? They gave money too.

  3. I don't know very much about Nigerian adoption law, but I do not think they have a residency requirement like Malawi. The rule of law in Malawi is that there is to be a home study AND fostering of the child in Malawi. That is the reason so few children are adopted from that country. Madonna flew in, had her hearing, flew out, and the next thing we know, the kid is in England. Whether it was the money or not, something ain't right.

    I'm also VERY irritated by her monetary donation coming with strings. Studying Kabballah isn't going to change circumstances for those poor people. It's a shame she couldn't see the good that she could have done without jumping on her religious soapbox.

    Brad and far as I know, they followed all the laws as they apply to everyone else who wants to adopt from Nigeria. The money issue does cast a shadow over it a bit. But as long as no corners were cut in exchange for the money...and no strings were attached to the gift...I just don't have as bad a feeling about that as I do Madonna.