Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Turducken, my love

You weren't expecting me to be in love, were you?

With Turducken, mmmmm?

And you thought I was joking about sticking my head up that turkey's butt? While I was there, I stuffed up veggies and pork sausage, a boneless chicken, and a boneless duck. In the turkey, really.


Okay, I just bought the Turducken, but it was the last one, and it was half price, and I've never ever seen one for sale except at the extortionate St.Lawrence Market, a lovely overpriced tourist trap, for sure...

So there is a Turducken in my freezer, two half price turkeys, and a rib roast. I'm feeling mmmeaty.

Just in time for my darling-way-too-skinny-older son to come back from his overnight trip to the outdoor education centre. I hate when he goes overnight, even though he is getting older. Like 10. So why can't he just live with me for ever and ever and not grow up? *sigh*

But my Turducken will never leave me. Nooo, it will stick to my thighs forever.

(And no the doctor didn't call, but she did get the report September freakin' 25th. Must be a state secret, right? Must.not.share.with.patient.)

So go along with me on the distraction thing, k? And say it with me, TUUURDUUUCKEN MMMMMM

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