Monday, October 16, 2006

Weekend Updates

After I posted on Friday, the amazing Dr.J. called. She is my GP and absolutely fabulous, understanding, smart, yadda, yadda. Because she has a young family she is working fewer office hours but still communicates with me by email & phone.

Which is awesome...and she had a good take on Dr.Evil as well. Dr. J. never gossips or denigrates other Doctors, which is wonderfully professional but can be hard to interpret sometimes. I've known her for years so I'm getting better at it, though. For example, she had a copy of the same report that Dr.Evil had. Dr.J. immediately told me that I had a toxic multinodular goiter, and that we should schedule an ultrasound with doppler to look at it closer, check for hot or cold nodules, etc. After that then we could discuss biopsies of any nodules. She also wanted me to get some more blood work.

Totally reasonable, thank goodness. She asked what Dr.Evil had said.

I told her that she had just called and told me there might be some nodules on my thyroid, but really nothing, maybe. And that she said the uptake report wasn't relevant. But I could get an ultrasound. Maybe a biopsy if I begged.

Total silence on the line.

I also shared that Dr.Evil has no plan, no follow through, and is disregarding the report because it doesn't correspond to the cheapie TSH test.

"Well, I guess we'll just have to find you another Dr., don't worry..."

Open mouth hitting floor, cause that really is the worst slam Dr.J. has ever made in my hearing.

So today I picked up the ultrasound requisition and blood tests, and got my bloods drawn and have an ultrasound scheduled today at 3:30. I have to put the kids in study hall to do it, but that's okay, considering...I certainly don't want to drag them there.

I had a second opinion appt. already set up for Nov. 1 with another endocrinologist, so maybe she can make a plan with me... and help me figure out why the tests are showing such strange and wild results. Like why my antibodies show Graves Disease, and the scan and uptake showed hyperthyroid with nodules, yet the TSH is up and down like a merry go round?

And somewhere in here, I'm trying to make Halloween costumes, keep the house together and book hotel reservations and transportation for the leadership convention.

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  1. Wow, what a good doc! And so glad that she acknowleged, albeit in a very professional way, that it's time for you to find another endocrinologist. Good luck with this afternoon's test!