Saturday, January 06, 2007


After 2 and a half weeks of loving family togetherness, we are totally sick of one another. My husband has officially been renamed Mr. Crankypants Cotta. At dinner, I offered him some steamed artichoke with lemon better sauce to go with his steak, and he replied, "I'm 45, and I don't have to eat artichoke if I don't want to. And you can't make me!" Yes, that's right, my secret plan was to force a grown man to eat green vegetables. But now he has refused, well heck, that ends that.

The children go back to school on Tuesday, and I'm throwing a party that day. It will involve lots of fudge brownies for me, a cleaning lady for the house, and much dancing back and forth. Weeeee!

Plus, I have been reorganizing some old posts and I may be ready to hit publish tomorrow, which means that a bunch of old stuff may go through bloglines or feedburner all at once and confuse the hell out of everyone. (Or I may finally figure out how to do it right...LOL)

I haven't wanted to write this stuff, I've been procrastinating because it's so painful. The last two days I've been commenting on everyone else's blogs, writing long long emails on other people's blogs and of course, spreading linky love to every blogger on earth. I've done laundry, I've cooked meals, I've read the papers, but I haven't finished writing about my own life, because hey why bother, when you can assvice half the world instead?

I've even ventured over to Liblogs, and scandalized I'm sure, most of them. Nothing like an aging mommyblogger with shrivelled up ovaries to scare the bejesus out of a few left-leaning versions of Alex P. Keaton clones, hmm? I think I may even have cyberpropositioned a Tory blogger, but I'm not sure, I'd had a few martinis by then. They really are very sweet mostly, incredibly polite to anyone who isn't another Liblogger or a Tory, but SO serious. I wrote the word fetish on one comment, and you could almost hear the shock out loud.

I admit it, I'm feeling a bit crankypants too, another excuse to procrastinate. I'll be happier Tuesday, I promise.


  1. To my mind, I thought Alex Keaton is right leaning not left leaning. But maybe I am misunderstanding your subtle wit? Our Political parties have opposite names to the ones in the US down here in Oz. Our Liberals are actually like US Republicans/conservatives. Our Democrats are a minor, green leaning party. Our Labor Party is our version of the US Democrats/major left wing party. Our Republicans are people who want Australia to become a republic and sever formal, commonwealth ties to England and the Monarchy... Yes, I know this is confusing!....

    and I love and laughed at your sentence "...hey why bother, when you can assvice half the world instead?". Never was a truer word said my friend.

    Now, wishing I could join you for your fudge brownie party. Hope it's a blast. and yeah, keep those stuffy bloggers on their toes with your devilish ideas.

  2. You are right, Clare, Alex P. Keaton was right wing. I meant that these guys are left-wing versions of him, I should've been clearer, hmmm. Maybe I'll go fix that!

  3. Glad to hear you are bloggin' your way to heaven with good assvice. Keep climbing. Wish that I could party with you. I will be here at home, beinbg cranky with you instead.

  4. Extrem right-wing and lft-wing all sort of meld togther in my mind, not much difference between them really. They all scare the bloody hell out of me anyway.

    You'll love this: one of our poets, Casimiro de Brito, wrote "We cannot change the world but we can change the world around us". EXACTLY!