Sunday, January 28, 2007

Have you noticed this?

PostSecret has a wonderful set of secrets up this week, and one set I noticed was especially touching.

There is a post card saying "Sofia and Colleen were the names we had picked out" It is obviously from someone who has gone through pregnancy loss, a very much wanted pregnancy, and felt they had to keep the names of their babies a secret.

It doesn't have to be a secret. I feel so sad for these people that they thought they were all alone. And guess what; they aren't alone. A couple of emails have been sent in with the names of other lost children. Parents trying to help other parents.

I'm glad they have received some validation. I wish I had his email address so I could send in my children's names. Matthew's name isn't a secret. No child's name has to be a secret. Ever.

I'm sending a big hug out to those parents tonight, and to Frank Warren.


  1. Its the first time I've seen that site - wow, alot of the secrets are really sad, but the one about the babies names is really heartbreaking. You're right, they should never be kept a secret. Matthew is a beautiful name.
    I wish I named my lost baby too but it was too early to know whether it was a boy or girl. I just call it "little one".

  2. What an incredible website. And I agree with you. People shouldn't be ashamed to talk about children they lost. But maybe it's too painful for them to say it out loud. Who knows, but what a great outlet for people!

  3. Hey there! In reference to my last post, I will have to write you an email regarding the fallout that ensued from the original version. It wasn't pretty.

    Thanks for the new site, it's awesome!

  4. Nicole! I want to know too. Yes, I am nosy. :) And my husband would probably pitch a fit if I posted something similar, but my mom reads my blog so....

  5. Oooh, those were good secrets this week. It's a longer list of names now. I think the post secret email address is at the bottom of the blog.

  6. I have seen the post secret site a few times. I can always relate to so many of the secrets.

    Reading those names makes me think so much about everyone who has lost a baby. It is so unfair.

  7. Hey Aurelia!

    I agree -- Post Secret is a wondeful, intriguing site. I haven't visted in a while though, so I'll have to check it out.

    I just wanted to stop by and say hi and thanks for your comments regarding my embryo transfer yesterday. :) It's always nice to hear from a fellow Canadian!! ;)

    Although I've had pretty much every blood test done known to mankind, I'm always interested in hearing more details and info, so please do send me more info regarding the blood work you had done for your blood clotting issues. (although to be honest I think I'm okay in that regard -- I think up to this point, it's just been a crapshoot in trying to transfer "the right embryo" -- not anything to do with my body or uterus or lining, etc.)


    Thanks again,

  8. I can't find the email address anywhere on the site, but really wish I could.

    Funny, and I'm not disputing you, but I assumed some of those names had been picked out by a woman in a couple prior to their split!

    I guess we all see things through our own lens.