Friday, January 26, 2007

Hormonal Madness

I'm having wild mood swings, (can you tell from that last post?) I crave odd foods, nothing has "arrived" yet, and I feel slightly nauseous, then perfectly fine.

But there are no double lines showing up anywhere.

I feel slightly crampy, and backachey, but with no definitive proof of anything, I can't just get drunk, as I so desperately want to. Usual cycle for me this last couple of years, 24 days max. In my WHOLE LIFE I've never had a 30 day cycle and not been pregnant, or pregnant and having a miscarriage.

I am also now terrified that something awful has happened, and I will now be horribly sick and need some sort of medical attention. Normally I'd be running for the damn dildocam and blood tests, but this week, I feel frozen, like I don'

I just want to curl up in a little ball on the couch, and let someone else take care of me. I feel so awful right now. I hate my uterus.


  1. I hope that this cycle sorts itself out soon. Being late with no double lines is pure torture.

  2. Oh, my, what is going on? Good luck--hope you are feeling better soon.


  3. I hope something gives and breaks you out of the hormonal crazies. I seem to deal with those feelings every other day.

    I'll be thinking of you.

  4. Oh, my friend, I am so so sorry that you're struggling. Tell the hubby to give you all the tender loving care you need, pronto. And know you're not alone. I am curled up on the next couch over, feelin' funky too. You are in my thoughts and meditations.

  5. I had this problem last year when after having regular periods, I then had a 43 day cycle out of the blue. I was ttc and keep poas and getting bfn's. It was hell. All my adult life I used to have 28 day cycles. then 43 days. then a more regular 32/33 days. My RE said I (being over weight) should lose 10% of my body mass weight to try and regain regular cycles and he also said some women (who are skinny) need to gain 10% of the body mass weight. I don't know how big/small you are, but weight could be something to look into. I lost 10kg, then got more regular cycles, then got a bfp. I'm sorry you've having this limbo of bfn's and no AF. That sucks.

  6. Ugh, I am sorry, it sounds tortuous. THere's no chance you've got a crappy bunch of tests, is there?

  7. Thalia,
    You may be right, I keep thinking about what Jess said in the earlier post about those early ones not working for her. I'm going back to the drugstore today...and the doctor on monday.

  8. Keeping fingers crossed for good news!