Wednesday, January 03, 2007

I've crossed a few things off my list!

So, great sense of accomplishment at the House of Cotta today. I have redone almost all my bloglines subscriptions. I still don't know how I deleted them, but they are back. Reading blogs on Bloglines or any other feed service is weird though. Most of the time you don't get to seem comments, so you have no idea if wild controversies (or just something nice) are raging away among the readers.

No matter what I try to click on the actual post, so I can see what's up, and inevitably I realize that someone has changed a template, added to their blogroll, etc. And it makes it much easier to read everyone, much faster!

Which leads to my next bit of accomplishment, I've added a whole bunch of people to my blogroll. Yeeessss, I need to add more....but Rome wasn't built in a day, okay? I gave up on categories, and decided to simply classify everyone as "Personal Bloggers," and I'll stress over that another time. (Be prepared when you click, not everyone is a woman, or IF, or a parent...) Plus, I've changed background colors. Light yellow has become light pink. Blog skin will come soon, I hope, apparently Beta is harder to design for?

I've also put up my old posts in draft form and I'm editing them and changing them so they make sense. (I'll press publish soon, but not yet.) I kind of blended all my pregnancies and things together before, and I've now decided to "count" the early miscarriages, as well as the late ones, which is why the real number is 7, not 5. If I went nuts and counted the very very early EPT pregnancies and losses, we'd hit double digits, and I just can't handle that, so we're not going there.

A couple of quick notes, Nicole, when I said I took your advice to heart, don't worry, it's just that the phrase you mentioned, about "The one thing I have control over" reminded me of something my therapist has said many times. It's the great thing about hanging around/talking/blogging with other people who have been through therapy, because we all inspire each other to do good things and remind each other of what's important in life. And we all subconsciously echo our therapists to each other, very helpful in between appointments.

As for the thyroid stuff, yes, Thrice good idea, I will go get blood tests done now and then my appointment next week may go better. Thank you!

I was about to tangent off about something, but I've just decided to put that in a separate post. Keep reading.

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