Thursday, January 25, 2007

Never know which one to believe

I'm a Leo, and occasionally put too much stock in my horoscope:

#1: Georgia Nichols: Your relations with partners and close friends will definitely deepen today in a passionate, intense way. (Speaking with a French accent might hasten things.) Conversations can be revealing. People are ready to plumb the depths of their souls. (Like wow.)

#2: Phil Booth: Some things seem attractive, but turn out to be worthless. And so often what appears worthless, turns into pure gold. The stars may not be heralding great financial gain, but there is, in your world, a bright shine beneath something that seems lacklustre.

#3: Sally Brompton: Cosmic activity in your opposite sign of Aquarius warns of a falling out with a friend or colleague you usually get along with quite well. Hopefully it will be one of those disagreements that is heated one minute and forgotten the next but if it lingers you must be the one to say sorry, even if you're anything but.

So either I'm going to have an affair, find money in garbage/garbage in my money, or have a fight with a friend.

So ahead of time, I don't want to have an affair, so I'm turning you all down ahead of time, I'll be sorting junk today, let's hope it's fun and profitable, and just in case:

I'm sorry and I retract whatever the offensive thing is that I said, okay?

Hope that covers it off. Now, I'm going to go visit various religious institutions now, and a lefty vegan grocery for atheists. Whew!!


  1. Good luck today! :) And thanks for the head's up on the abbreviations. I looked down your side bar but didn't see a list anywhere. We may start trying for a kiddie this summer so I'll probably know all too soon what you guys are talking about.

  2. I agree with LS, the abbreviations are rough when you first start blogging. I am still trying to figure out what they all mean. One day, I will post a question asking about some of them.

    You're feeling pretty sparky today, huh? I'm a Scorpio actually and the day to day horoscopes are total garbage for me, but the general description of my sign seems to fit. Hope the sparkiness indicates you're are feeling well.