Wednesday, January 24, 2007


Yeah, BFN.

I may try using the remaining one tomorrow morning, just because I enjoy throwing money away...18.99 plus tax for 2 of the extra-sensitive ones. I swear, I'm in the wrong business, oh yeah, I don't have a job...never mind.

And the unfortunate side effect of knowing my body so well, is that I may have been pregnant ever so briefly, like with an HCG of 6, then nothing, but there's no way to know for sure. So we're all going to assume that would be completely impossible okay? Things like Trisomy 1* simply do not exist for today, just today, on this blog?

Sooo, I'm going to attempt productivity now and call a plumber. Obviously my personal plumbing sucks, maybe I can get my house's fixed.

* Full Trisomy 1 embryos cannot implant, and have only been seen during PGD in petri dishes. These and many other full trisomies are the usual causes of BFNs for natural or IVF pregnancies. This BTW is different than the inherited mosaicism you may have seen some people talk about on other blogs. ANYONE can get a full Trisomy, no matter the's an egg quality issue.


  1. I don't remember which site I used, but it is time to buy in bulk. From Google I found

    BTW, the buy-in-bulks were better than my OB's. While mine showed a thin pink line, my ob's tech declared my results negative.

    Can you guess how many people were forced to take a guess on that test, in all different kinds of light? From day 21 until I got my period, just guess how many days I poas? Pathetic.

  2. Well that truly sucks. Every month I think that I'm just going to buy a gross of HPTs off ebay for $1/each but don't bother because then what will I do with the 143 remaining tests because that's when I'll surely get pregnant...

    yeah, right

    Sorry, my dear.

  3. DAMN IT!!! Fuck! I'll do some stomping around for you if you'd like. I am so so sorry that it wasn't positive.

    BTW, I have decided to start naming my lost eggs. What the hell right? I named the last one Red. He was beautiful, but born 9 months early. Just because he was haploid doesn't mean I didn't love him. Oh, yes, I get more and more crazy everyday. Any suggestions for a name for the next egg are welcome. I thought that I could name them like we name hurricanes. You know, go through the alphabet and alternate between boy and girl names. Or, maybe I will name them after my feelings. Doesn't Bitter sound like a nice name? Oooh, Rage has a great ring to it too.

  4. What's BFN? I'm sorry. I can't keep up with the lingo.

  5. SIGH! was hoping for you.

    Maybe you were pregnant and if it was another trisomy, after everything you've been through, mother nature took care of it this time...

    My husband has chromosomal Mosaicism. It's not easy.

    Next time, eh!

  6. I'm sorry about the the BFN, you really deserved a lucky break this time around.

  7. Gotta say that those First Response tests never work for me. All the other brands of tests worked for me (clear blue, EPT, etc.), but not the most popular brand. Go figure. (I know this because I would buy multiple brands and dip them all in the same sample. No matter how far along I was I would BARELY get any kind of line ever on First Response)

  8. I'm sorry--just sending sympathy and a hug your way.

  9. Hey Aurelia, just wanted to say hi, and I'm sorry you got a BFN. Its shit, as always. I recently found your blog and am still trying to get caught up in your archives but I really hope you get your little one soon.

  10. I am sorry for the BFN. Those really suck.

    Thanks for your get well wishes on my blog.

    I hope you see the elusive double lines soon.

  11. Hey not so little sister, BFN is Big Fat Negative, or Big Fucking Negative if you're in a bad mood...If you look on a few blogs you will see a list of acronyms typically used.
    I'll try to gather a few and post some here.

    And everyone, buy in bulk is sounding good more retail for me!

  12. Well Shit I'm sorry. I was really hoping for different news.

  13. Sorry to hear this, Aurelia. It's always so damn disappointing every, every, time.