Sunday, July 01, 2007

Happy Red & White Day

No, no, no not the day where we celebrate Canada Day.

I mean the day where my white underwear is covered in red blood.

Happy fucking CD1.

Can this shitass weekend get any worse? Oh yah, maybe I could find out I'm really a mole rat.....


  1. I am sorry, Aurelia.

  2. I believe the proper response here is a hearty FUCK!!!!

  3. I hope the coming week brings better things.


  4. I agree with Julia.

    I absolutely hate the combination of red and white and any range of the two together.

  5. Well, if you're a mole rat let's find the queen and kill her.

    Sorry about CD1, and Kaz going away and the idiot mothers who don't appreciate what they have.

  6. I'd always go with dry about a big 'nice' for your red panties?

    There is that juxtaposition where you love em to death but it kills you to be with them 24/7.
    I've been at home with them for 6 years...though I doubt any of the crowd you described is. They all probably have nannies too. Something I am heartily against.
    Nannies are popular around here and I just don't 'get' those people. They make me sad and sick.
    Spoiled as are your panties eh.

  7. I hope things have started to spiral in a better direction. Sorry for all the shitass stuff.

  8. Further evidence (as if we needed it) that life basically sucks.

    I'm sorry for, well, everything.

  9. Sorry you are having so many rough days in a row :-(