Friday, July 27, 2007

I want a do-over

This week has sucked. I finished Harry Potter and felt really happy and now I'm just down....


Renovator lady hasn't called back. I think she dislikes me and doesn't want to work for me but won't tell me to my face. She is newly pregnant and perky, and I didn't even say anything scary to her, just said congratulations and kept talking. Cause I need someone to fix my plaster. Now she won't come over. Can people now SENSE I'm the dead baby lady? Maybe she's afraid of this happening and she's quit working, period?

The boys went to daycamp this week, and were late every day because they dawdled and I've been too tired in the morning, and they are upset and it made camp lousy because they missed some fun things.

Plus, some nasty child stole Kaz's Nintendo DS right out of his backpack at daycamp and the camp was NO HELP at all, and kept acting as if it was his fault for bringing it. Meanwhile, every other kid brings theirs, but of course, it's my kid who get picked on. Over $200 to replace it & the game. We can get a new one, but that's not the point. Theft should be called theft and the victim shouldn't be blamed. I'm going to see most of the parents at pickup today. I'm debating just standing in front of the exit and asking each of them to search their own kid's belongings at home and if a new DS mysteriously shows up in their house to anonymously return it via the camp. Plus, my son now feels like he can't trust anyone he's with all day because one of them is a thief who got away with it, and so he doesn't want to make friends with any of them.

I've been avoiding the topic of the overnight camp situation because my husband and I fought about it. He is just not as upset as I am, and can't understand why it matters so much to me. The camp is the same, even this week. Luckily the Doctor from the camp, the medical director from the camp, and our own Doctor were livid and backed me 100% when I spoke to the camp. They know they could've gotten in trouble with their own professional colleges if medical care is incompetently done while under their watch. Plus, of the other overnight camps I called and the voluntary group that sets standards for camps, both agreed with me that it was outrageous. One Director of another camp told me that he would have fired the counsellor immediately.

But none of that matters to Mr.Cotta. He just wishes it would all go away. That I would just drop it. Of course, he also has an aversion to Doctors and every conversation about health with him is difficult.

Did you know that the Ontario government has absolutely no legal standards for residential camps or daycamps? They do for schools and daycares and parents. (Remember, us parents are the fuckups who do everything wrong according to the media.) But, no government laws or regulations govern camps. AT ALL. Three guesses what I'll be harassing my political buddies about next...

A couple of friends have really ticked me off recently with the whole, suuuure we'll call you and get together, except they never ever do. Plus, one of them was supposed to bring her son over to have a playdate with Kaz, and when they just never showed up, he felt even worse.

I have no babysitter for tonight. I had set up people to watch the boys and they bailed. Reservations are at 7. Fuck.

Our bank forgot to take out our mortgage money for the last 2 months. Some computer screwup. But we still owe the money, so they took it all at once yesterday. Ouch....gulp.

And the best? BFN this morning. Expected, but still, fuck.

I want a do-over. Next week better not suck. Or I really WILL lose my mind.


  1. Man, when it rains, it pours. I am so sorry all of this is piling on. I used to think it was hilarious how my mom got a stamp made with my name on it, and then inked EVERYTHING I took to camp with me. Now, of course, I get it. That's just crappy that you guys need to deal with that. I'd be irate too.

    I think Mr. Badger though, would side with your husband...

  2. my weeks been sucky too but nothing compared to yours, poor luv! have a glass of vino rosso and i hope your weekend turns out better for you :) X

  3. Sorry you had a sh)tty week. Hopefully next week will be better.

  4. UGH. I seem to be leaving that comment for lots of people lately.

    Sorry your week was so SH*TTY. Men are never as invested as we are.

    Hope the weekend is the beginning of vast improvements!

  5. Do overs would be so nice.

    If you ever need a sitter, I will come hang out with the boys. I can't make it tonight, but if you ever need anyone, I am game.

  6. Would you really want to face it all again? I'm kidding. I so hope this weekend is relaxing and next week improves.

    I bet the renovator lady is just tired. Who wouldn't love you?

  7. Well, I want to say that there is no way next week can't be better than this week, but I'm afraid I might jinx it and make it even worse!

    And in the interests of validating your feelings, I can tell you that you have every right to be angry with the camp. I grew up going to camp, was then a camp counselor, and have sent my son to camp and I have never encountered a camp that would be so cavalier about administering a child's prescription medicine. In fact, all of the camps I know would never allow the counselor to be in charge of the medicine, it would come directly from the camp nurse. When I was a counselor there were three designated times a day that kids would go to the nurse for their medication, depending on whether they needed it morning, afternoon or evening (and obviously more often if the situation required). The nurse had a list of the campers she expected, and if one of them didn't show up at the appointed time, she would go and find him/her. It was taken *very* seriously. This camp's method for administering medicine is clearly severely flawed and therefore runs the risk of the exact sort of negligence you experienced. I am so sorry that when you already felt anxious about sleepaway camp, this was the experience you came away with. It stinks.

  8. Sorry to hear about your crappy week...
    I, too, was elated initially after finishing HP VII (Tues), but my mood has declined steadily as the week drags on... Anxiety escalating as I await Z's return? (coming Mon) or simply a few nights of inadequate sleep piling up on me??

  9. Do-overs would be too cool!

    I'm sorry for the crummy stuff happening and Mr. Cotta's covering of his ears while 'la-la-la-ing'. He should be as outraged as you, particularly because it was the camp for which he had pushed. You'll really need to shut him down if it comes up again next summer.

  10. Wow. One of those weeks. Hoping better things follow...


  11. and your husbaand must have some "dandy" arguements. His indifference to what you feel passionate over must make you see red at times...I can only imagine!

    I hope the weekend and camping experience go better this time. I would be reluctant, to say the least, to send my kid back to that camp because of what happened last time with the meds much less having your son's nintendo get stolen. Sending you all the good vibes I can from Wisconsin - just south of the border to you this weekend!

  12. Sorry to hear you had a bad week! Can I do the whole year over? Ha ha! I guess that's what I'm doing this year - I had hoped for a completely boring year, and so far, 7 months in, literally nothing has happened! I shouldn't say that though, I don't want to jinx it. Hope next week is better!

  13. ... and with all of that, you still had time and energy to help me out this week. I heart you.

  14. Sorry about all of it. :(
    Hope next week is better.

    I am having wine tonight myself. Wanna join in?

  15. When it pours right?
    Hope for sunny weather next week for you!

  16. Shit, I'm sorry its been such a sucky week. I hope things start to look up very soon.

  17. It makes me absolutely NUTS when my husband doesn't want to rock the boat of a bunch of strangers, but he's all up for pissing off the person he wants to sleep with. They go around all "logical" with their feelings up until it's time to actually produce a "logical" opinion. No wonder a rolling pin is kept in ever kitchen, even those that don't get used.

    I think it's a damn shame that Kaz is getting the wrong impression of camp. He should be able to look back on these times with a smile, not remember the med fiasco or how some kids stole his stuff. That sucks.

    I'm sorry the week basically sucked. I hope it's a better one coming up.

  18. Husbands can be annoying.

    Surely things will look up after all this, right?

    That's totally obnoxious about the camps.