Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Princess and the Pea

I already had this typed out, so here it is, but I owe Adrienne a post, so I'm doing that after this goes up, 'kay?

I'm a princess, truly.

The kind who can feel a pea through endless featherbeds, my skin bruised and sore from the horrible pea way down below.

Well, you can just imagine how I thought a TempurPedic bed would be the route to heaven. Soft foam, no springs, no issues, just peaceful rest, right? Ummmmm, nope, wrong.

It only works for people who can sink and are normal temperature. I don't weigh enough to make a dent in the damn thing, sigh...literally my rear will dent into it, but the rest of my body just hovers on top like I'm lying on a piece of wood. Mr. Cotta sinks in perfectly, just like the commercials. He loves it. He is also tall and has a normal non-hot flashing, normal thyroid, etc. I am a cold feeted short no muscles kind of woman. Bird like except for my growing ass and waist. Tempurpedic requires normal room temps and normal body temps and no issues with sweating, etc. His sdie of the bed is perfect, mine is bumpy, sore and completely disappointing. Thank God we can return it and exchange it for a normal bed. There was a lovely deep soft one that hubs agreed to try, so I think I need to call and switch it, before this Princess gets any worse.

As for the peaceful part of this story, just thought I'd mention that if any of you would like to get a professional organizer like mine, check out the National Association of Professional Organizers for a referral, or if you can't quite bear to spend money try Flylady. If you are in my city, email me and I'll give you the name of the company I hired. Both of these groups are not going to try to sell you containers or shelving units. But they will help you throw stuff out, donate, get rid of stuff, file a zillion papers, you won't need the containers or the shelves. Are containers nice? Are shelves pretty? Yes, but only if you need them....and considering 47 giant bags & boxes of garbage/recycling/donations left my house 4 years ago, and I didn't actually need to renovate my old house as a result, mmmmm maybe try flinging some stuff first?

I tried to clear the junk on my own (and even with Flylady) for years but could never quite figure it out. Until I hired a disinterested unemotional third party who simply spurred me on and kept me going when I just wanted to run away from the whole mess and hide. I'm the kind of person who avoids the big sorting jobs because I end up pulling everything out, shoving it behind me as I go, then can't put it back, because I'm trapped in behind a wall of junk. Instead, she takes things away to be removed and clears a path properly and puts the remainder back in the right place, all nice and ergonomically neat and tidy.

I get to be a Princess with a pretty house and no bruises on little ol' me.

Peace, but no peas. Just right.


  1. Interesting. Have you seen the commercials for the sleep number bed? Would that be something that would work for you?

  2. What a shame about the bed - I thought they'd be fantastic. Mind you, I'd make a BIG lump in it!!

  3. Interesting about the bed - we need a new mattress, and that's what my husband has been advocating for. The idea of it is weird to me. I'd rather old fashioned horse hair.

    Though maybe we should wait on the new mattress until the kid is more thoroughly potty trained - because she peed in OUR bed last night. Argh.

  4. Hmmm...This post made me suddenly see that I could really use to get rid of a lot of useless and, frankly, rather hideous, junk that I don't want or need and that is taking up space that I could put to much better use.

    Unfortunately, the junk I'm talking about is all emotional and psychological rather than actual, physical stuff. Maybe there's someone who can help me with that too.

  5. That is just sad. I love thos beds. I have tried them out in the store and if I had the money I would get one. So sorry it has not worked for you.

    And good job getting all your junk cleaned out. Next time just call me. I get rid of just about everything. I can't stand cluter.

  6. TempurPedic is evil. Hubby swears by the pillow he has, but i would rather sleep with my head on the mattress than on one of those rocks. Feh.

  7. I am laughing. I am not sure why. I think it is the whole princess and the pea visions in my derainged head.


  8. Oh my gosh - I think I missed my calling! I should have been a professional organizer! I am super well organized, and I don't keep anything. I throw everything away - and what I do have is filed, labeled, dated, categorized, grouped, shelved etc. Ha ha - it's kind of an OCD thing. How fun that would be to organize other people like that!

  9. Those purges can be so freeing. I'm glad you've got a pro to back you up.

    As for the bed, I bought a new mattress a little over four years ago. Hubby didn't want to come with me as he trusted me to get one that would suit us both. I made the mistake of buying one that is too soft -- for both of us! The only consolation is that while pregnant with my son, and especially now with the twins, the softness of the bed has helped support my tummy and I don't have to wrestle with pillows all night long. So we agreed that we'll get a new mattress once we're done having babies.

  10. You are so good. I'm a firm believer in separate beds or even better separate bedrooms!

  11. I own a Memory Foam Mattress and it’s wonderful! Best bed ever! I have a lot of sleeping problems and it solves all but my girlfriend’s snoring! I think the government should pay for everyone to have Memory Foam Mattresses!

  12. Well, Frank considering that you are most likely spam, I'm sure you do love it.