Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Sorting throwing and tossing

I'm sorting and throwing things away today & yesterday. My organizer is back and we have several jobs we've been doing, including the kid's rooms and the serious freakin' volume of paper I've acquired.

About the camp, I've spoken to the Executive Director now twice. He is the son of the current owner, and fourth in line or something to run it. Seriously.....stupid guy, bad at management. Says something about inheriting the right to run companies, eh? He really has no fuckin' clue what the problem is. He said he was sorry a couple of times, but basically the counsellor's explanation is that Kaz looked fine without the meds, so he didn't worry too much.

He assumed that all kids with ADD are hyperactive, and Kaz has the inattentive kind, as do I. We stare off into space and forget where we are, when to eat, what time it is. Basically Kaz never even noticed 90% of what was happening around him whenever he was off the meds, so of course he was quiet and compliant. Just like an 18 year old counsellor would like, right? No bugging him, no bothering, not making him work too hard.....jerk.

Anyway, I'm not done yet, I'm still planning on roasting the Doctor over an open fire, and I haven't received any explanation as to why his asthma medication wasn't done daily.

Personally, I wanted the counsellor fired instantly, and the section head who lied to me to get strung up, but it looks like they aren't going to be....even though I for one, would NEVER trust people like that to work for me, especially when they are in charge of children. I mean really, if they aren't going to tell the truth about important things like this, what else are they covering up?

I swear I'm never ever going to send Kaz back to that craphole.....

A side note to anyone in the GTA, a friend of mine S. is in Vancouver because her son is very very ill with meningitis in the hospital. (They were on vacation there together.) She left her dog here at home in Toronto, and can't get back to get the dog from his sitter obviously. We can't take the dog because of allergies, soooo can anyone take care of a labrador retriever from Thursday until maybe next week, Tuesday-Wednesdayish? He's about 8 months, a puppy really and has lots of energy.

Email me if you can help, thanks!


  1. I'm sure such disregard of your child's health doesn't do much to warm you to the whole sleepover camp idea.

  2. And meningitis, how scary! I hope your friend's son gets better soon.

  3. I hope the camp pays big time for this one.

    Is the puppy house trained? Like really house trained? I would do it, but don't know how well a dog would do with my birds. They are about a mouthful for a retriever. . . Want 2 birds for a few days?

  4. Every time I read about you cleaning and sorting and throwing things away - it makes me wish I had a bunch of stuff to sort through! ha ha!

  5. That camp thing is unbelievable! (Reminds me of Jack's 2 weeks at the bad daycare). And their response is absolutely infuriating! How is the boy now? Does it take a while to get ramped back up on those meds?

  6. I can't believe that they are being so un-responsive about your complant. It seems to me that somebody would lose their job. Thank goodness nothing happened to your son while there. Could you maybe take this to the media?

  7. I can't believe they are not being responsive about the camp thing.

    The organizer you have sounds great! I need one of those.

    So sorry your friend's son is sick. I hope he gets better soon. If I was in the area, I could help with the dog. We already have a 3 year old lab, who would love a new playmate to hang out with.

  8. Is there a sugary-sickly-sweet way to tell your darling spouse I TOLD YOU SO? Because he kind of deserves it. :)

    I'll keep your friend's son in my thoughts; here's hoping for a speedy recovery. Likewise on the too-far-away-for dog, but good luck.

  9. Oh dear, I hope S's son will make a full recovery. Wish I were close enough to help with the dog.

    Kaz certainly shouldn't return to camp. Who the hell do they think they are? Just bizarre, and totally frightening.

  10. "He said he was sorry a couple of times, but basically the counsellor's explanation is that Kaz looked fine without the meds, so he didn't worry too much."

    Is this man a Doctor?? If NOT he was behaving with extreme negligence.


  11. I would still file an offical complaint with whoever certifies this camp. At least that will be on record in the event it becomes a repeatitive pattern (which I think it probably is already). I don't think they are taking seriously the gravity of your son's medical condition.