Monday, September 10, 2007

Best political news I've heard in a long time

We all know the issues around infertility and adoption, because we've been through it, right?

And quite a lot of political people have been through it, even if they don't like to come right out and say it publicly. As I've mentioned before Stephane Dion is one of the few who have "come out" and admitted it, for which I unreservedly admire him. Makes me feel a little less self-conscious at campaign offices anyway!

Anyway, the Ontario Liberal Party's platform was just announced this past weekend, and I'm a little overwhelmed with emotion. I couldn't even blog about it for a few days, I was so speechless with happiness. (As you can see from the length of this post, yes, I've recovered my ability to yap yap yap...hehe, still happy though.)

(BTW, I have no idea if any of my efforts got this on the radar, and yes, I'm digging around, enquiring minds want to know, but whoever made sure this got in, is my hero, for life.)

Check it out here, and go to page 37. Or just read it in the summary, or just read it in the quote I copied below.

"Helping Ontarians Start a Family

More and more people are having trouble getting their families started because of infertility.
Ontario Liberals believe that everyone should have a fair opportunity to create a family.
Over the next four years, we will shine a light on this unspoken problem and help to solve it.
We will help more Ontarians realize their dream of having a family. Here’s what we’ll do:

•Make fertility monitoring available earlier in life, so people know whether or not they
are likely to have a problem having children

•Create an expert panel to examine all issues related to fertility treatment and adoption and
recommend ways to make both easier and more affordable "

In all the years that I have worked in politics, I can honestly say that I have NEVER EVER seen infertility or perinatal loss or adoption end up in a platform document.

It's a promise, in writing, that they give a damn about us. And not just in a mushy whatever way, but they actually used the word affordable!!!!

For those who have run out of money chasing the fertility dream of having children that word is HUGE. And for those of us who wish that money could be permanently removed from the adoption equation, but instead be truly based on the best needs of the child, yep, that's really huge.

Crying over here---with total unadulterated joy.

Fellow Infertiles and Wanna Be Moms, and Stirrup Queens: please link to this post and to the platform site and quote, because we need to reach as many readers in Ontario as possible, so they can spread the word and let their local candidate know how much this means. They need to know that we are are out here and that promise means something. And let the other party candidates know what you think, because none of them have said one word about these issues.

Tell families, tell friends, tell co-workers, tell your RE's, your OB's, your social workers so they can spread the word in their offices. This is an issue we should be talking about. Our future families very existence depends on this issue being on the radar with every politician, and letting everyone know that on October 10th, THIS WILL AFFECT OUR VOTE!

Why should your local candidate care? What difference could this make to them?

Because all politicians can count voters, and if one in five couples are infertile, and one in four women and men will experience miscarriage, stillbirth, or neonatal death in their lifetime then we check and see that there are currently 8.3 million voters over the age of 18 registered in Ontario; translating into 2 million voters affected by this issue. Even if we halve that number to eliminate voters who are older, who do not want to have children, or who are not yet aware of their future infertility, that's still 1 million voters.

A big enough block to change the world, or at least this province, IMHO.


  1. Non-Canadian myself (but envious of our neighbours up north), but will put it in the Lost and Found tomorrow .

  2. This is so, so cool. I really hope that this makes a difference to all those couples trying to have a family. Every little bit helps.

    I hope you get some credit for all your hard work and dedication.

  3. Done. And about time. Sheesh, what with all the baby bonuses and paid maternity leave and free health care for everything else, it was about time!


  4. I will be watching this to see how the vote turns out. Thanks for letting us know south of the border!

  5. A great step in the right direction. Let's hope this is just a beginning.

  6. Congratulations! Wonderful news.

  7. Wow! Great news indeed. Wonder whether if you get it done over there it might become just the impetus we need over here. Rock on!

  8. Damn... I'm with the conservatives on my other key issue. Well, smart move by the Liberals... I'll mention it to my friends.

  9. I'm very happy for you. Our platform only seems to be about bathroom sex.

  10. I am a fellow Ontario-an myself and I am crying tears of joy too! I have had 3 losses ~ 1 m/c and 2 stillbirths and am *trying* to keep my options open when it comes to adoption. This is fantastic news ~ thanks for sharing!


  11. Wow, that is just amazing news. Congratulations. Though I live in your neighbor to the South, I'm putting up a big maple leaf and a link for you tomorrow!

  12. Thanks for all the info, Aurelia.

    I know who I will vote for.

  13. Lovey... to whatever degree you played a role in this initiative... let me just say...

    B R A V A ! ! ! !

    B R A V A !!!!!

    That's wonderful. Now let's get the rest of the country to give a shit! FERTILITY POWER!


  14. This does indeed sound truly exciting but a few months ago I rec'd a bulletin from my local IAAC group (Ottawa) about something along these lines. I just can't remember if it was provincial or federal (must dig up that email). Anyway, IAAC was upset and asking its members to write letters because the panel of "experts" was not to have any infertility specialists on it! Nor would they have people that have dealt with IF firsthand.

    Also, if I remember correctly there was a chance that the selection of treatment options would be taken out of the patients' hands which sounded awfully scary to me.

    I hope that this new platform that you've posted about is as good as it sounds and not the same thing that IAAC was referring to.

  15. It's different thing flygirl. You are thinking of the federal Assisted Human Reproduction Agency, which was messed up.

    I've posted about that under politics or the Liberal Party label on my sidebar if you want to know the details. Last december I think?

    Anyway, the difference is that this is provincial and they are going to try to figure out how to deal with the cost issue, and expand treatment options, not restrict them like the AHR is.

    Besides the AHR is composed of religious nutbars appointed by the Tories. This is the Liberal party. I know these nutbars personally, and they are very very openminded and interested in patient input.

    (Several of them have done IVF as well, even if they don't want to make it public.)