Friday, September 28, 2007

Curled up on the couch

I've been curled up on the couch most of the day feeling blah, kind of a non-specific blah. I got plenty of sleep last night, ate lots of decent food, the house is sort of put together, and I had lots of things to do, but still---I didn't feel like moving much. By late afternoon I had decided that I have developed a UTI, and maybe even a kidney infection, if the pains in my back are any indication. And yes, it was too late to see my family doctor for a last minute appointment, and I am unfortunately all out of those sterile cups, and I can't stand the thought of going to the walk-in clinic tonight and explaining to the doc on call my entire medical I'm lying here feeling crappy trying to pretend nothing is happening. I have loads of antibiotics, I just don't know which one is the right one to take.

Oh, and to the visitors from Daily Kos, via Cecily's blog, welcome, I think you are looking for the category label medical termination, on my sidebar. This is the chain of links involved in case any of my regulars feel curious. Hell of a healthcare system the U.S. has. Can any of you explain to me why you don't use that reputed vast cache of guns to start a revolution in health care? You did in 1776 and that was just about taxes on tea, and it seemed to work out okay. The bastards these days are doing murder by spreadsheet. And yet---not a shot fired. I don't get it?

As I sit here feeling sick, at least I can rest in the knowledge that the sole reason I feel crappy is because I haven't lifted my lazy rear off the couch to see someone. I don't have to worry about paying anyone, or getting permission from my health why don't you guys in the U.S. do something? I know a few of you have it pretty good, but lots don't. So what gives?

Yes, I'm bitchy and achy, 'scuse me while I go take a handful of pills.


  1. Bah.

    Sorry about the BFN.

    Not sure what to say about fighting the the streets for better medical... Where's the marching in the streets for an unjust war?

    But don't get me started.

    Drink cranberry juice. Hope you beat the UTI sooner rather than later. They suck.

  2. I have 2 sterile cups on my table right now if you decide you need one. They are marked for semen freezing, but they are the same ones you pee in!

    I am sorry about the negative and the UTI. I hope you find the right mix of drugs to help you out.

  3. Oh crap, both for the whiteness and the uti...

    Wish I was there to hand out medicinal glasses of wine.. x

  4. Sorry about the BFN and the UTI. I second the cranberry juice thing.
    And if it gets any worse, would you please go to that walk-in clinic anyway? Pretty please?

  5. It wouldn't hurt to have a blood test. I mean, it's early, isn't it?

    Just saying.

    (I was convinced I wasn't, because of BFNs, despite a plethora of symptoms, but I am, actually, for the moment, according to my blood).

  6. Not that I like it when you're sick, I do love it when you've got your bitch on.

    Craptastic news about the HPT, too. Yuck.

  7. Damn. Comment just got eaten.

    Funny thing about a big country - I've heard of this famous cache of guns but I don't know anyone with one!

    I wish I knew how to reform Americans' fear of socialized medicine. I've worked with our union on our healthcare but I'm sick of the small scale not to mention the fact that our plan just got sold right as the contract expires so despite all the work, it's back to the beginning. Gotta think of a better way once I have some energy.

  8. Sorry about the BFN. I believe the tea tax effected everyone. A vast number of Americans are covered with health insurance, ie the elderly, larger corporate employees (in general), etc. Unfortunately, Americans don't complain if they aren't personally effected. Think how much uproar there would be if there was a draft for the Iraq war .