Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Little bump in the road

First I am still feeling very happy and positive about my reproductive system.

BUT, my G.P. called today about the x-rays she had ordered last week on my foot. I knew it was broken, but I didn't get an x-ray on my foot at the teeny tiny town hospital two weeks ago because they didn't have a technician there who could do it until the next morning and I didn't feel like having Gomer Pyle poke at my naked foot any longer.

So I saw Dr.J. cause it still hurts and I couldn't bend my toes at all. She thought it might just be soft tissue damage and swelling bothering me, but she ordered an x-ray anyway.

I have three broken toes, not just one.

This picture might help illustrate. Basically, one of the two bones, (the bone at the tip) of my big toe is crushed, broken, squashed, whatever. And the second toe (The long one beside the big toe) has three bones. My second toe has a break in the bone on the bottom, nearest the base. My third toe has another break, middle section, but that's just a small fracture.

I learned the names!

Big toe break - Distal phalange
Second toe break - Proximal phalange
Third toe fracture - Middle phalange

See, not so hard, right? Bones not so hard that is....

It will take at least another four weeks to heal, then a couple of more weeks to gently learn how to bend at the joints. No more mad cleaning and organizing for me, I guess. I really should've been a little easier on myself, huh? Here I was thinking, oh, it's been a couple of weeks, I need to use it a bit, it's healed, blah blah blah, and damn that was a bad idea.

So, I'm just going to put my feet up on a pillow and relax. Maybe blog and surf a bit, or finally deal with all the photos I have that are supposed to be scanned in. Maybe buy some steel toed shoes in a sexy style?

Oh, and maybe plan my next vacation, somewhere soft and cushiony and padded.


  1. Yeesh! That does explain it. You rest up now - doc's orders!


  2. Ouch. I can't believe you have been walking around with 3 broken toes for so long without knowing for sure.

    Want to come to Mexico? The sand will cushion any falls.

  3. Your foot better be up when you read this. As much as it sucks, I hope it gives you the perfect opportunity to take a break for yourself like you've been needing for weeks - and that it puts to final coda to Mr. Cotta's rustic family dreams.

  4. Oy! Feet on the pillow it is. And days of blissful blog surfing. Maybe even all the way through those two weeks, ha?
    Next vacation at a spa. Whatdayathink?

  5. Kick up your heels missy, and take a load off!

  6. 3 broken toes...unbelievable!

    Please, put your feet up and do absolutely nothing (well nothing that requires you to be on your feet!)

    And this from someone who wore steel toed boots in college (I was a sculpture major), there is no such thing as sexy and steel toed...trust me, I would have found it! Though the Australian Boot Company does make some rather cute Blundstones with a steel toe...but they are not really sexy.

    Take care of yourself!

  7. OUCH!

    You poor thing. Hope the other parts of your anatomy are doing better than the toes.

  8. Yipes! Good way to make yourself relax though...

    ...Maybe I should fall or something...Hummm....

  9. Ow! Makes me wince just reading about it.

    Disastrous cabins: SO should not be part of your next vacation! Spa. Definitely a spa.

  10. Oh definitely - plan your next vacation...and have fun relaxing!

  11. Oh you poor thing!
    I had that realization too....note to self...go easier on self.
    Have fun taking it easy and mending those phalanges!