Sunday, September 02, 2007

Outta here

I stopped throwing up, but I never did stop swaying. And that was a bad thing, because a few days ago, I tripped on the outdoor steps, fell down them, and crashed, smashing my legs, foot, elbow, etc. etc.

I have a broken toe, multiple bruises and an absolute terror of the outdoors now.

Mr.Cotta fell too in a separate incident, bruised and banged up his foot, and his shin. Nothing broken thank God.

We were both stone cold sober btw, the steps, along with this entire house are built for extremely tall people, and I am short. The rise on these steps, combined with the gravel and log steps, makes for a difficult walk for anyone.

The water pump for the well broke the night before that, no clean water for hours. The landlord came quickly with a plumber, but it turned out that it was the electrical circuit that had become messed up. We had a choice, we could either have clean water, or have heat and power in the bunkie my son and his friend were sleeping in. It drops to 10 degrees Celsius (maybe 50 F I think?) at night in cottage country, so it was like choosing between a rock and a hard place. In the end, we hooked up the heater to the extension cord.

We're leaving early. Even he agrees, this was a debacle. He keeps muttering things like "filing a forty page cause of action when I get back to the office". I know he won't sue, but I wish he would at least get a refund. Sigh....

As God is my witness, I'm never going to a cottage again. Even a resort hotel anywhere rural or northern is iffy at this point. I'm too afraid.

Have to finish doing laundry & packing the car now. Even with a broken foot, the chores never end.


  1. Oh god, Aurelia. What a nightmare.

    There are a couple of resorts in the Muskoka area (think the place in Dirty Dancing) that I can give you the name of if you ever decide to brave the wilderness again.

    Have a safe trip home!

  2. Good lord. Mr. Cotta's summer fantasies for his children are certainly not working out well this year. I'm sorry.

    Your poor foot. I so hope you get a refund. And what on earth do you have planned for recovery next week? Some sort of relaxing spa day at least??

  3. OMG, it sounds like you were the star in some made-for-TV movie! Was there a snake in the bed too?

    So sorry you are all damaged from this "vacation"! Hoping you are healing and drinking a latte while watching trash TV tomorrow (or whatever works for you)!

    Feel better soon.

  4. Bloody hell is all i can say Aurelia, sounds like you're leaving just in time!!!

  5. OK this is really too much. Have you been to the emergency dept. 3 times in the course of one week?

    I'm so sorry that the cottage was such a bust. It must have been really bad if Mr. Cotta agrees that it was awful (he seems quite optimistic, from your descriptions).

    I sure hope you can get a refund. Safe trip home and I hope you get some recovery time from your vacation, once you get back!

  6. Oh, such fun. I hope your foot doesn't give you too much trouble.


  7. Gaa! Talk about a crappy cottage experience. Sorry you're so banged up... I agree, next time just check into the Four Seasons or something. ;-)

  8. Oy yi yi! I hope your toe heals well, and yeah, next time room service and spa treatment, no? With a pool for the kids or something.

  9. You might want to look at one of the all-inclusive resorts that exist now - some are even kid-friendly. My boss and his family do that so they don't have to do anything during their vacation. (He even hunts, so it is not avoidance of the out-of-doors.)

    I understand the loathing, wish you could/would post pictures so we would know what outdoor resorts to avoid!



  10. Ouch! Sounds like you need a vacation from your vacation. I hope that things settle down for you so that you can stay off your foot and heal up properly!

  11. Sorry to hear that your so-called vacation sucked SO HARD...
    Best wishes for a rapid recovery!
    (You spell that T*A*K*E I*T E*A*S*Y!)

  12. Ow, ow, ow. When vacation cottages attack, you have no choice but to leave. FAST. Go before the damn house falls down on you to spite itself.

    And feel better soon ...