Thursday, September 27, 2007

Something less serious

I'm just in desperate need of thinking about something frilly and dumb.

For today, just one day, we're all going to pretend life ISN'T unfair and shitty, okay?

I've clicked through a bunch of Perez Hilton posts and contemplated new colors for my pedicure. I'm getting my hair done this afternoon, and I may buy some new shoes. Or makeup. Or whatever.

We got the proposal from the architectual firm, and frankly, it looks a bit over the top expensive to me, but I'm going to ask around before I assume. I think they also included construction management and project management in there which might explain it, or else I just wasn't green enough for them so they pitched high enough to scare us away. Dumb....I'm a big 'ol gossip.

I still haven't ordered that furniture, so that may be my next little mission.

And even if I spend the rest of my life with the hubby and two kids, and no more pregnancies, I can live with that because at least my body is acting normal.

The crone has left the building. Now let's get the new me some pampering.


  1. Ooh. A hair cut. And a pedicure sometime soon? Sounds lovely.

    I'm so excited by how the DHEA is working. I so hope it continues and gets even better. And I of course had to go look up what POAS means. I am terrible with web acronyms.

    Why stop at 1 pair of shoes? Get 7.

  2. Well, aren't you the one that wrote a post about, um, vibrators? That kind of in the frilly & dumb camp, isn't it?

    Speaking of 7 pairs of shoes, I believe that Niobe did just that yesterday - so you'd be in good company!

  3. A woman after my own heart - pampering is something we just don't do enough of....
    And hey, we don't mind the crone ;)

  4. Ah, pampering ... I need to remember what that is ...

    Hope you had a good afternoon!

  5. Enjoy the pampering. You deserve it.

  6. I love your new haircut already.


  7. Any chance of a shot of that new haircut?

    Happy POASing...

  8. You definitely deserve some big-time pampering!!

    Thank you for being such an amazing friend Aurelia. I am glad some good things are happening for you these days.