Tuesday, February 05, 2008

48 hours

Lots of things to think about and say.

Monday morning we went for another growth ultrasound and checked the baby. And since it was a day off school and too early in the morning for a babysitter, we had to drag the kids along. I made them sit in the hall, luckily there were hardly any other women in the waiting room.

Anyway, Dinkypie was 22 weeks gestation, and ta-daahhhhhh drumroll please---measures 23 weeks, 3 days. They think he is already 1.3 pounds. Amazing! I know that growth measurements by U/S can be off, but still, he's a big baby. Just like my other guys. My BP is 110/65 and my his heartrate and mine were both good. No protein on the peestick. One little concern?

He's breech and apparently likes it that way because every U/S shows him that direction. I'm know we have lots of time and he will likely move several times, but I have to admit, I hate the thought of breech because here every breech baby is automatically a c-section after the term breech study the hospital participated in. And c-sections aren't risk free walks in the park either. Complications for baby and me mean a worse recovery and well, you just know I wouldn't be the woman with the section that goes like a zipper! More like a jagged butter knife. Personally, I think that babies can turn, even during labour and I don't want to schedule anything and make assumptions, but gahhh....after 2 vaginal births, I know I could successfully do this, sigh....getting ahead of myself again, aren't I?

I spent the rest of the day with the kids, and Mac had a little friend over for a playdate, so we all went tobogganing in the park. Okay---technically I stood in the cold in my big boots all bundled up and watched them go down the hills. I kind of feel guilty that they haven't been doing very much outdoors since I'm wiped most of the time and my husband has been very busy with work so he hasn't taken them anywhere.

I'm trying to register them for some good March Break & summer camps this time, give them a better time than last year. Maybe make a few playdates with parents who actually let their kids go outdoors or something. Yes, between the horribly wet icy slushy weather and the cloudy doom and gloom---it's been crappy to get out, and I have made zero effort. Too tired. Bad mommy award.

Couldn't help but notice this and this in the news. Read them....I'm not sure whether to be amused at the rewriting of facts in the first article, or confused about the last bit in the second article. Apparently she is writing "two adult novels, the first of which will be about the shenanigans of parents of private-school children". Well, on behalf of private school parents--trust me, we're not that different from public school parents, kind of normal actually. Based on what I know of parents at other private schools---they'll be a lot of made up stuff, exaggerated, overblown. I know the real life people who love their kids and actually want to take care of them won't make enough "shenanigans" for her, so I assume some very nice people will get hurt. Shameful, IMO.

Mac's appointment in the urology department of Sick Kids to followup on his testicular torsion was this morning. I insisted on seeing the staff doctor, not that there was much point---even after I explained the whole crazy story, they kept telling me that at this point they have no idea whether it will ever happen again, or if there is any diagnostic test that can predict it, or even if he is fully okay and recovered now. They think he might be fine and they think he has no scar tissue, but no one can tell for sure.

I'm so glad my tax dollars are at work. (frustrated grinding of teeth....)

I need to find another pediatric urology department at another hospital and ask them a few questions. Maybe get some different answers---so I can sleep at night.

I want to stay up and watch the Super Tuesday results roll in, but I have a feeling I'll be drooling on my pillow by that time. I hope I can anyway.


  1. Fingers crossed dinky turns. I thought I was going to the the C this time to w c happy BAMH but I didn't. Don't lose hope, stick that ipod in yer pants mama.

    Tobogganing today would have been fab. You get total best mommy awards for standing out there.

  2. My girl refused to turn head-down. I tried swimming (in warm water and in cold water), putting my hips higher than my head (couch to floor) and just propping my hips up.

    My doctor mentioned external version, put advised against it. Her main argument being my anterior placenta which makes a version harder and is riskier.

    I went with the C-section. And it does take a while to recuperate.

  3. Glad to hear that DP is doing well, even if he's being stubborn about repositioning himself.

  4. here's what I did...

    ice pack on the top of your belly, because apparently babies don't like cold heads (who does?)

    headphones near your pubic bone, playing music... babies turn in the direction of interesting sounds

    hands and knees, rocking back and forth

    sit on a birthing ball with your belly hanging between your knees

    I did all of these and as we know, Kali turned. But what am I going on about... you're just 22 weeks! There's loads of time!

  5. all that stuff about trying to get them to turn sounds like voodoo to me. Pob was most definitely sure she wanted to stay head up, I do hope dinky is more sensible.

    And Yaay for the great measurements

  6. 23 weeks alrady, where does time go? It seems only yesterday you were sharing the news! What do I know but babies at this stage assume loads of positions, so don't give up hope that she will engage properly when the time comes. He might just enjoy being contrary at this stage.

    And this is where I might annoy you, though I hope not (rage of a pregnant woman and all that...). I don't defend drs. at all costs, they're often shits and you have had your share of aggravation (who the bloody hell hasn't with doctors) but sometimes, regardless of how much money our taxes swallow, medicine truly has no answers. I know in our animals testes torsion is also something that no one can guarantee won't happen again, it's wait and see. Of course in our case we can just remove the testes, so again, not very helpful - but my point was, there's a good chance that they're being competent now, only sadly competence doesn't equal there being much to do at all times, which is vastly better than there being something to be done and them not knowing what to do or doing the absolutely wrong thing.