Monday, February 18, 2008

Happy V day to Us!


I made it.

Happy Viability Day to Me and Dinkypie!!!!

I know, it's not perfect, hell, it's unlikely he'd survive at 24 weeks if he was really born right now. But---prior to today, Dinkypie had a 0% chance of surviving outside of me, and now, our chances have gone up to 10 or 15%. And here at No Matter How Small we celebrate every damn thing we can get our hands on, right?


In other news, Mr.Cotta gets on a flight in a few hours, with my sick BIL and my healthy BIL and the three of them will be making their way home to a hospital. We were worried they wouldn't be able to fly, but they seem to have P.meds adjusted temporarily for the trip home. In the last few days, he was telling the docs he needed to take less Xanax and wanted them readjusted, problem was, they misunderstood and took that as a total refusal to take any meds, and of course allowed him to just not take them at all. Now, for those of you who are scientifically minded and reading this blog, I'd just like to ask, do you know what happens when someone stops taking Xanax cold turkey?

I do! I do! I do! Pick Me! Pick Me! OOO! OOO!

In fact, any moron with half a medical degree knows. Except of course for the morons who have been on shift for the last couple of days. Sudden withdrawal can cause seizures, and psychotic episodes and hellish paranoid delusions. And just what to do you think has been happening to P. for the last 48 hours?


Anyway, when my husband found out, he immediately asked for some of the pills, walked over to P.'s room and they forced him to take the meds, no questions, no bullshit. Within 45 minutes he had returned to sanity, depressed sanity, but sanity again, and was actually kind of horrified that the nurses and Docs had let him refuse. He does want to lower his dose of Xanax and get off it, but not like this, for Christs sake! He wanted to go down a bit a day, until he was off or could change to a different med, and not only did they screw that up, but they let a medically fragile person risk more brain damage. Even if he was refusing totally, this isn't about just shutting him in a padded room and letting him detox, like with an antidepressant. He could've DIED.

He's depressed, maybe bipolar, but he's not as insane as these medical twats and patients rights bozos. Thank God my husband was there to tell them to eff off and fix the situation.

If you are going through an airport in the next 18 hours and you see three very handsome men who all look like very similar wandering through an airport, that's them.

My guys...let's hope they make it home safe. Say a prayer if you are so inclined.


  1. Fingers crossed and thanks for the laugh. "here at No Matter How Small we celebrate every damn thing we can get our hands on". Happy Viability day I says!

  2. Now I wonder if I could get you a greeting card at the local Hallmark store....

    Happy Viability Day!!!

    Fingers, toes and eyes crossed for your and your BIL!

  3. Happy Viability Day! And wishing the guys home safe, too.


  4. Happy V-day.
    And I hope the hardest part is behind for P and the whole family.
    Does being back at sanity means he understands where he is going and agrees with it?

  5. Happy V day!

    Here's hoping the boys get home safe.

  6. Happy V Day!!! I am very VERY happy for you, my friend!

    Also glad to hear that Mr. Cotta was able to save the day for his brother and that they're coming home.

    By the way, you are an incredible person to be so concerned about another individual while having enough worries on your own plate. You are a wonderful lady!

  7. the docs just don't listen sometimes, do they? i had a similar but much less dangerous experience of asking for a specific painkiller after my caesar, and them interpreting that as me not wanting any anti-inflammatories. Odd.

    Glad to hear Mr cotta is on his way home. What a relief.

  8. Happy Viability Day!

    I hope Mr. Cotta and company have an uneventful trip home.

  9. Happy V Day! Saying a prayer...

  10. Another hoop jumped.

    Your pregnancy is going so much faster than mine did....for me anyway.

    I hope they're all three here soon, safe and sound. And I echo Julia's ?.

  11. YAY! If it means anything to you, I have a cousin who was "born" at 24 weeks, he's fifteen now.

    Good luck to the BIL's and the hubby.

  12. Happy happy V-Day!!! Gawd, I wish I could just fast forward to pregnancy. We've got another month or two before TTC again. I get knocked up quickly at least. I just haven't been able to make it to a V-day.

    Actually, as I write this you're now almost 25 weeks! Even better. Every day that passes, your odds increment.